5 Types of Kitchen Sink Faucets

Due to the many varieties of kitchen sink faucets available in the market, it is not surprising that a lot of homeowners get overwhelmed when choosing the perfect fixture for their kitchen sinks. If you find yourself in this predicament, it is important to stick to the features, style, finish, and size as your main considerations when buying kitchen faucets.

Make sure that you get the one that will blend well with the theme or design of your kitchen. Also, select a faucet that you think will be sturdy enough to last long despite frequent use. Here is a list of the different types of faucets for your kitchen sink.

Single Handle Faucets

Single-handle spigots are the most commonly used type of kitchen sink faucets. The reason behind this is the fact that they are easy to use and control. With just one lever, you can quickly control the flow of water in your sink. The simple design of this type of kitchen faucet also makes it ideal for contemporary and urban kitchen styles. However, since this faucet type has only one lever, the mixing of cold and hot water flows might be a bit tricky.

Dual Handle Faucets

The main feature that makes this type of kitchen sink fixture advantageous to countless homeowners is the availability of 2 separate handles. This allows users to easily combine or control hot and cold water. Food preparation and cleaning of utensils can be less difficult if you can easily adjust the temperature of the water coming out of your kitchen faucet. Lastly, if you want to go for classic and traditional look, you can never go wrong with a double handle faucet.

Wall Mount Kitchen Sink Faucets

A wall mount kitchen sink faucet is ideal for people who want to achieve that antique or rustic feel in the kitchen. Also, since this faucet type is mounted to the wall above the kitchen sink, there will be no need for deck holes on your sink.

Pull-out Spray Faucets

Kitchen sink faucets with pull-out heads are popular among restaurants and other food establishments. This is due to the fact that the pull-out or movable nozzle allows the user to easily wash food or kitchen items and it also makes the cleaning of the entire sink a lot easier. The flexibility of the retractable head and the spray mechanism make this type of faucet practical and handy in kitchens that are frequently used. This faucet is also ideal for kitchens that have modern and contemporary look. However, it is very important to pick a high quality pull-out spray faucet because the cheap varieties can easily bend and drop out of their sockets after a few uses.

Prep or Bar Sink Faucets

The main difference between a prep faucet from other kitchen sink faucets is its size. A bar sink fixture is usually small because it is only placed in secondary kitchen sinks. It is recommended that you match the design and style of your prep faucet with that of the main kitchen sink. However, if your main sink is small, you can also use this type of faucet as your main kitchen sink fixture.