5 Types of Teak Wood Patio Furniture

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Teak wood patio furniture is very popular because of its particular style and durability. Teak wood is obtained from the teak tree, which varies slightly according to the countries from where it originates, resulting in different types of teak.

1 - Bojonegoro Teak

One particular type of teak is the Bojonegoro teak. It originates from Indonesia and it is one of the best qualities of teak one can find. Bojonegoro teak has a rich golden color and it features straight grains although wider spaced grains or a waving-grain structure is also found.

2 - Banuywangi Teak

Banuywangi teak is a type of teak which is derived mainly from India. Several people prefer Banuywangi teak over Bojonegoro teak due to the lower price. The Banuywangi teakwood is strong, but it does not have the vibrant golden color featured in the Bojonegoro teak.

3 - Dahat Teak

Daha teak is not as common as the other types of teak wood. Daha teak is very valuable since this variation of teak is in danger of extinction. In order to preserve it, this type of wood is not being used much in the hope of prolonging its existence. Due to illegal activities, one may still find that Dahat teak is being used to produce furniture.

4 - Philippine Teak

Philippine teak is another type of teak wood which unfortunately like Dahat teak is becoming very scarce in supply. This type of teak is endemic to the islands of the Philippines. Due to illegal logging practices, there are still furniture items produced by Phillippine teak. Buyers should beware of what type of teak wood they purchase, especially if they wish to refrain from promoting the loss of such endangered types of wood as the Philippine or Dahat teak.

5 - Tectona Grandis

The Tectona grandis or common teak is relatively cheaper although still quite strong. It is the only type that is provided through environmentally friendly logging practices since it is not an endangered type of teak.

Tips and Information

All teak woods are given a grading based on the importance of rating their suitability for certain production and their strength, especially if they are going to be used for items such as outdoor furniture. The teak wood which is graded A will be robust, dense and hard-wearing. This type of teak will be of supreme quality, as it will have passed tests and inspections and resulted in not having splits or cracks which would weaken its lifetime.

The teak wood which is graded B or C will have demonstrated some visible imperfections. Consequently, for outdoor furniture, it is best to opt for the best quality, robustness, and durability supplied in A-rated teak. Although it will cost more, it will be more suitable for the weather conditions patio furniture is exposed to. The sun’s rays, moisture from rain and dew and other negative weather conditions will undermine its look and increase the need for maintenance in the long run. Hence it is important to choose a high-quality type of teak wood when purchasing any type of outdoor furniture.