5 Types of Tile for Kitchen Tile Backsplashes

Kitchen with blue backsplash
  • 3-30 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 100-800

Kitchen tile backsplashes can provide added beauty and style to your kitchen, as well as make it easier to maintain your kitchen.

Furthermore, you can demonstrate your creativity and add pizzazz to your kitchen’s design with your choice of tile.

If you are leaning towards having a backsplash of tile, there are several choices from which you can choose.

Information you will find on the five types of backsplash tiles below will help you make an informed decision as to which type of tile will be a more likely fit for you and your kitchen.

1. Porcelain Tile

Often ceramic and porcelain tiles are thought to be the same, but they are not. They are, in fact, manufactured completely differently.

Porcelain is made from compressed porcelain dust. This type of tiling is very dense and tough, thus sturdier than ceramic tile.

Another feature of porcelain is that it can be manufactured with a matted, glazed, or highly polished finish.

It is important when choosing tile for a backsplash that you use a glazed tile. The glazing will protect the tile from kitchen grease and smudges, make it easier to clean, and it will last longer.

2. Ceramic Tile

kitchen with white tile backsplash

Ceramic tile is made from clay, then fired in a kiln. The visible part of the tile is a glaze which is colored or patterned.

Your choice of colors and patterns is virtually unlimited. An advantage of ceramic tile is that it is easy to cut, making it trouble-free to install.

Regardless of whether you choose porcelain or ceramic tiles, they are both available in a range of sizes and both installed the same way.

Tile mastic is used for placing the tiles. Channels are then filled in with grout.

There is also a wide range of colors for grout that can allow you to coordinate the tiling with your kitchen’s interior color scheme.

Both porcelain and ceramic tile are excellent choices as a backsplash because they do not stain, making for easy cleanup.

3. Glass Tile

glass tile backsplash

Another choice in tiling is glass. Just like ceramic and porcelain, glass tile is a great choice because of its waterproof nature.

Glass does have a unique appearance in that it will reflect light, making your kitchen backsplash seem as if it has tiny, sparkling gems.

The grouting used for glass is a specialized mortar, or unsanded grout. You may even wish to consider adding some glass tile as an accent with your choice of tile.

4. Metal Tile

Chrome, copper, and aluminum tiles can also add an interesting and attractive addition to your kitchen. These tiles can create a contemporary look and can be a good match for a traditional kitchen.

Depending on the overall effect you wish to create with your metal tile, you can choose between a shiny or brushed appearance.

5. Stone and Marble Tile

kitchen with wood counter and stone backsplash

Stone and marble countertops are a popular choice for both countertops and backsplashes in today’s market. With marble, you will find a variety of styles.

The downside of a stone backsplash is that stone cannot be sealed, making it more difficult to keep clean.