5 Unique Decorating Tips for Border Tiling a Bathroom Sink

When tiling a bathroom, there are many options available to decorate around the sink.  From choosing different, yet coordinating, colored tiles to border the sink, to using different sizes of tiles, to using tiles with different colored grout.  Some options will be cheaper than others, so the unique decorative options you decide to use will depend on the project’s budget, the time to complete the project, the taste of the homeowners, and the overall style of the room. Here are five unique decorating tips for border tiling a bathroom sink, use one of these to enhance the beauty of your bathroom.

Mosaic Initial

Using a mosaic technique, create a fancy border around the bathroom sink that includes a decorative version of the first letter of your last name.  The letter should be placed right in the middle, between the sink and the mirror. Create stripes of a coordinating color around the sink to add to the decorative element to the initial, with the stripes and the initial in the same color.

Large Borders

Take the border tiles used around the edge of the sink and carry the design up and around the vanity.  This will look similar to a fireplace mantle that runs to the ceiling.  The tiles used can be small squares so that it almost looks like the smooth walls have cracked away to show the tiles. Or use larger tiles, but the point is to make the area of the sink and mirror to stand out from the rest of the bathroom.  Place fancy sconce lighting on either side of the mirror to complete the look.

Hand Painted Tiles

Make the bathroom personal with some hand painted tiles.  Check your area for a paint-your-own-ceramic shop where you can go and decorate tiles using the shop’s glazes.  You go back a few days later to pick up your completed product.  This could be a special family keepsake, where each family member decorates their own tile to be used in the bathroom. When tiling a bathroom for a child, have the child decorate some tiles make the bathroom more personal and unique.  Or, have grandkids create tiles to use in a grandparent’s bathroom.

Unique Shapes

Opt to bring interest to the area around the sink by using tiles in different shapes. Not all tiles are square or rectangle. Different shaped tiles will most likely cost more than average square and rectangle tiles, but an odd circle shaped tile of various sizes can really be eye-catching and unique.  When tiling a bathroom with non-square shaped tiles, the look can resemble stones when using colors such as grays, whites, and other similar shades. For a bolder look, go with a bright color, such as red or blue.

Colored Grout

When tiling a bathroom, consider using a grout color other than white.  Grout comes in a variety of colors, such as red, blue, and yellow.  Use brightly colored grout around the plain tiles that go around the bathroom sink. The grout should go with the rest of the colors of the bathroom, while still standing out.