5 Unique Headboard Ideas

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Your bed may be comfy and cozy, but perhaps it needs a little revamping in the decoration department. Many beds nowadays don't come with any sort of headboard or foot board like they used to. Create your own in a snap using these simple ideas and transform your sleeping space into something new.

Wire Bed Frame

Old twin mattress bed frames can be used to create vintage or rustic looking headboards. No need to clean the metal unless it’s super rusty; leaving the old metal as is gives it that antique look. The crisscrossing wires are perfect to hang pictures, ornaments, scarves, and other vintage decorations.

You can prop the bed frame against the wall vertically behind the bed, or mount it to the wall using hooks or brackets. If you choose to mount the headboard, make sure you use supports that will hold the weight of the bed frame and anything you choose to hang from it.


Reuse any large piece of wood or headboard by reupholstering it with new fabric. This can be easily accomplished by covering the wood with a new fabric of your choice and tightly stapling it around the edges of the back side. Tacks, nails, or staples can be used to create tufts in the fabric if you wish to give it that antique furniture look.

Another option is to reupholster smaller pieces of wood in different fabrics and then hang them next to each other on the wall behind the bed to create the appearance of a headboard. This can be used to create a mosaic or collage look, and fabrics can be matched to colors already used in the room.

Wooden Planks

A very simple headboard can be made out of wooden planks. Perhaps you have old wood lying around from a fence, barn, or other unfinished project. This leftover wood can be used to create a unique headboard.

Depending on the length of the planks you have, you can stand them vertically or hang them horizontally. If the planks are all the same length, connect them with nails, string, or wire and hang them horizontally. If your planks are different lengths or have rough edges, connect them and stand them vertically.

If the wood is rough and may be hard to dust or could cause splinters, use sandpaper to get rid of the rough edges and seal the planks with a wood sealant -- or paint them for a different look. Keep in mind that unfinished edges and planks of different lengths will create a rustic look that works well with many styles of décor.


Use any curtain rod and a curtain made out of the fabric of your choice as a headboard behind your bed. Whether you choose a decorative rod and fancy fabric or a simple rod with plain fabric, hanging a curtain behind the bed creates a very polished look and doesn’t require much effort.

Center the curtain rod behind the bed, extending each side so that the curtain will be a little bit wider than the bed by about 12 inches on each side. Make sure that the curtain is long enough for the fabric to fall behind the bed; floor-length curtains look the best, but shorter curtains can be tied behind the bed or draped to the side.

Old Doors or Shutters

A very simple headboard can be created using old doors or window shutters. If using an old door, mount it horizontally above the bed or stand a pair vertically between the bed and wall. When using shutters as a headboard, mount them above the bed as if there were a window behind them that you cannot see.

Shutters and doors can be transformed with a new coat of paint. Use traditional colors such as white, black, and brown for a modest look, or paint them bright colors to make them a focal point of a room. Old doors and shutters can also be left as is for a rustic or countryside look. Both old doors and shutters can easily be found at flea markets and thrift stores.