5 Useful Radial Arm Saw Accessories

Having the right radial arm saw accessories can increase the efficiency of your workshop. A radial arm saw can be used for so much more than just making precision cuts. You can find accessories that can turn your radial arm saw into one of the most vital and heavily used piece of equipment in your workshop. Here is a quick list of some of the most useful ones.

Laser Mounts

One of the most popular attachments for a radial arm saw is a laser precision mount. This attachment mounts adjacent to the blade on the spindle. When it's triggered it creates a clear laser line to guide your cuts. Even with the most accurate measurements and straightest lines, you can still get a missed cut. The laser mount will assure you get an accurate cut every time. Some newer models of radial arm saws come fitted with a laser mount already. The models can be quite expensive, but if you use the radial arm saw often you will see the value in this investment.

Sanding Accessories

A radial arm saw can easily be turned in to a power sander. You can find blade attachments that are actually drum or disk sanders. Buffing and polishing disks are also available. This can turn your saw in to a one machine work station, allowing you to not only cut, but to finish and polish all of your projects as well. These work best if you have a dust guard in place, since it will kick up a lot of excess sawdust.


A router is a convenient tool to have, and you can find accessories that allow you to mount a router directly on to the radial arm saw. Many saws come equipped with a router attachment that can be placed on the auxiliary blade. If yours didn't come equipped with one, you can purchase one at most hardware stores that can be fitted on the auxiliary blade yourself. Switching between a saw and the router is simple once you have this attachment.

Adjustable Auxiliary Tables

An adjustable table can make your wood working projects a breeze. Having the auxiliary table that can be raised higher than the saw table can help you make difficult cuts and finishes with ease. Many people have found this useful to create unusual curves or for a project that has a raised look in some areas. An auxiliary table can also be especially useful when working with large projects that you may need extra work room.

Miter Fence

A miter fence is a worthwhile accessory for making angled cuts without needing to make adjustments to the arm of the radial saw. A miter fence can be attached to the table on top of the wood you are cutting. The radial arm saw will slide along the fence, creating the angled cuts. You can create your own makeshift miter fence, or purchase a miter fence that will simply attach to the existing table. Having a miter fence can cut back on the amount of time you spend on projects with heavy angles.