5 Uses for Square Head Bolts

Prior to the common hexagonal bolts became widespread, the square head bolts were much common in industries since they offer minimum chance of wrench slippage while wrenching because of their square designed head.Here are some common uses for which square head bolts might be better than any other type of bolts.

1. Rustic Environments

The square-headed style of these bolts gives them a rustic look which other hexagonal bolts don’t have. In fact, square head bolts are commonly used in restorations of village houses or other antique houses. Furthermore, these bolts give the walls of these houses a bit of character, and they are also ideal to hang rustic decorations to the walls.

2. Outdoor Uses

Square head bolts, as many other types of bolts, come in stainless steel. Hence, these bolts can also be used for outdoor needs,  such as in gardens or in outdoor kitchens. Moreover, these bolts usually have a square nut, which should be inserted from the other side of the material that you’re attaching the bolt to in order to provide a much stronger grip. What’s great about these bolts is that they are very strong and are 100% rust free.

3. Garage Uses

Square head bolts are also commonly used in garages to make some shelving. They can easily be fixed in using a wrench. Therefore, it makes the job a lot easier. Square head bolts, however, are usually preferred to hex bolts since there is no chance that the bolt will fall out of the shelf because of their quadratic head structure. In addition, bolts are also preferred to other fasteners since they can hold heavy items that are commonly stored in a garage.

4. Machine Engineering

Bolts are also used by machine engineers to build or to repair industrial machinery of all kinds and sizes. Sometimes, it is also required to fix a bolt in an uncomfortable place or position in a machine where you can’t exactly see where the bolt is. Hence, square headed bolts make the job much easier for these workers to wrench these bolts in since there is minimal chance of wrench slippage while hand wrenching.

5. Do It Yourself Furniture

Some furniture products, such as chairs or computer desks, come unmounted in a box, and thus, you have to mount them yourself following a step by step guide included with the furniture. Square head bolts are commonly found with these products since they are easy to screw in with common household tools. In fact, a square-headed bolt can also be fixed in using a pair of pliers instead of a wrench since it provides a good strong grip.

Bolts are considered to be one of the strongest fasteners that one can use. So whatever type of bolts you use, a strong grip is always guaranteed. However, in some situations like the ones mentioned above, the use of square head bolts is usually more advisable since they have an easy grip and offers a rustic look to your home.