5 Varieties of Fruit to Grow in Containers (Indoors!)

A baby pineapple growing on a stalk.

There is something endlessly satisfying about growing your own food and using it to supplement your meals. But if you live in a small space without a yard, you probably don’t have much room for a garden. Or perhaps you have pesky visitors in your yard, like rabbits or deer, that like to munch on your plants. Whatever the scenario, sometimes it's easier to grow your plants indoors.

What you may not realize is that you can actually grow a wide range of fruits in pots or containers indoors. Read on to learn more about some fruit you probably buy often that you can grow on your own indoors instead.

1. Pineapple

This probably comes as a surprise—but who doesn’t want to indulge in fresh, juicy pineapple chunks all year long? To harvest them yourself, cut the crown of a fresh pineapple, leaving some fruit at the top. Soak it for about a day in water, letting it soak in the moisture. Then, plant this in a gallon-sized plastic container and place it in a sunny spot, which might be right inside a window or on a balcony or deck. One important thing to remember is to bring it inside at night if the weather is cool, as these plants thrive in warm conditions.

2. Strawberries

Strawberries growing in a container.

You’re not far away from making strawberry shortcake with homegrown strawberries—that you grow in your kitchen! Despite being distinguished as a plant that needs ample room to grow, these berries are one of the best to grown indoors. They should be placed in a sunny spot by a window, or they can even thrive with supplemental artificial sunlight. One thing to note is that they need to be planted in a container large enough to handle their growth, and as soon as the berries are ready to be picked, they should be promptly harvested to make room for more growth.

3. Watermelon

This is another fruit you probably never would have guessed could be grown inside your home all year long! It doesn’t have to be a summer favorite any longer. You will need a larger container for these—something with a five-gallon capacity is roomy enough. Use a self-watering container as they are known to drink a lot. (The soil should remain moist, but never soggy.) Also, use something heavy like rocks or bricks at the base of the container to even out the weight, since as your watermelon begins to grow, the container will become more top-heavy. You will also need to build top support for the vines to grow on above the container, which can be done using wires or lattice. Place your watermelon plants somewhere that receives a fair amount of light, whether it be natural or artificial.

4. Bananas

Bananas hanging on a tree with lots of green leaves.

If you’re bananas for bananas, you may want to try growing your own indoors. Dwarf bananas may be smaller than the ones you're used to, but they’re still big on taste. Use a deep container that allows for drainage and plant your bananas in light, well-draining soil. The banana corm (the base of the plant) should be planted upright, with all of its roots completely covered by soil. Allow the soil to become semi-dry between waterings. These plants also require bright and indirect sunlight. Banana plants create leafy green foliage and will add a burst of the tropics to your home. Once they really begin to grow, you may need to transport the plant to a bigger pot or container.

5. Cantaloupe

This sweet variety can also be grown in containers or pots that reside indoors. Again, you will need to use large containers to successfully grow these inside. Typically, smaller cantaloupes are harvested from containers that remain inside. These plants require full sun and regular watering. Also, place them somewhere where you can allow the vines to spill over the sides of the container as growth occurs or, alternatively, use bean poles surrounding the container to support the vines as they begin to flourish.

While it may be hard to believe, all of this fruit can be grown inside whenever you please. Convenient and simple, you will have an array of fresh fruit to enjoy daily after planting these inside.