5 Vinyl Glass Roof Sun Room Designs

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A sunroom can serve any one of countless functions. Some are designed to be an indoor garden, and others become the family den or an artist's studio. Depending on how the room will be used, there are several basic types of designs that you can consider.

1. Cathedral Designs

A sunroom built with a cathedral design is characterized by a vaulted style of ceiling and a high, sharply pitched roof. Cathedral designs are well suited for studio sunrooms, providing a feeling of spaciousness along with plenty of high-visibility natural light. A cathedral design is not well suited for use as a greenhouse or sun porch, because the high ceiling allows heat to rise above the plants it is intended for.

2. Conservatory Designs

Sunrooms built in a conservatory design are generally modified rooms of the existing structure. They use more ornate trim than most other types, and are often used for a den or family room. A conservatory design is likely to be the most expensive type available, but the finished product is an impressive room that adds value and style to the home. A conservatory makes a relaxing location for a home office or library, and may be decorated to match the owner's particular tastes.

3. Patio Designs

Solariums are one of the oldest and most common types of sunrooms. A patio design can be built over an existing deck, and offers a nice place to grow plants, or simply to enjoy the illusion of being outside without leaving the comfort of your home. You could even build a pergola inside the sunroom, providing a wonderful place for a garden bench, and the scents of summer all year long. How to decorate a patio sunroom is limited only by your imagination, with everything from vibrant artificial plants to sweet-scented hanging plants available.

4. Home Entryways

A sun porch is an affordable way to add a more spacious porch to an existing home. The open design makes a perfect place for a large and comfortable porch swing, and allows you to see who is approaching the home from many angles. Adding a sunroom on the front of the house gives it a completely fresh appearance, making an otherwise ordinary home interesting and unique.

5. Enclosures

A very popular use of sunrooms is to build them as enclosures for a pool or hot tub. For the pool, a sunroom not only offers protection from falling leaves and accidental trespass by pets or children, but also allows the use of the pool year-round. A sunroom enclosing a hot tub can be fitted with horizontal or vertical blinds to provide users with a bit of privacy against prying eyes. A sunroom also works well as a regular greenhouse, allowing tropical plants to thrive even during the long winter months.