5 Wall Painting Ideas for Girls

There are plenty of wall painting ideas to choose from. What about wall painting ideas for girls? Girls usually want something different that’s specifically for them. What kind of wall painting ideas work for girls? Much will depend on the age of the girl and her own personal tastes. Here are a few wall painting ideas for girls' bedrooms.

1. Color

Girls won’t usually want the same colors in their rooms that might be common for a family room or dining room. Some very basic wall painting ideas for girls will brighten things up and give real accents to their rooms (with their approval, of course).

Select sharp colors that complement each other. You can paint walls in solid colors or add upper and lower borders in a contrasting color for maximum effect. This is simply done, and the effect can be very dramatic. The advantage is that the solid color leaves room for posters, pictures and other wall items. Pink is a popular color with younger girls.

2. Faux Wall Painting

Some girls like elaborate walls. Amongst many different wall painting ideas, the easiest way to achieve this can be with faux wall painting. Depending on the style you pick, this can be very simple or quite elaborate, although a plainer look is always better for a girl's room.

Try a color wash. This involves painting a base color on the wall and then creating a glaze in a complementary or contrasting color on top. This is applied so some of the base color shows through. This makes the wall stand out without too much work. There are plenty of other faux painting techniques you can try. Talk with your daughter to see what appeals to her and let her help with the painting. After all, the wall painting ideas will probably be hers!

3. Stencils

Stencils are very simple and useful wall painting options. They’re more likely to appeal to younger girls rather than teens, and they’re very easy to apply. Simply decide on the stencil design you want, put it on the wall and paint the stencil onto the wall. Just make sure you don’t have too much paint on the brush, or it could run after you remove the stencil.

4. Stripes

A wall painting idea that will really make a statement is stripes. Bright stripes of primary colors can look striking on the walls of a girl’s bedroom as long as they are colors that work well together. They take time to paint, and even with masking tape, you’ll still need a steady hand. However, on a wall that catches the sun during the day, they will look great and make the room seem even brighter.

5. Collaboration

Whatever wall painting ideas you come up with, you want to involve the girl in making the decisions. You might be the one doing the painting, but it’s her room and she’s the one who’ll have to live with the choices every day. The more she helps in making the choices, the happier she will be with the result.