6 Ways to Modernize Your Outdoor Space

outdoor armchairs with cushions
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Keeping up appearances and maintaining a fresh, inviting atmosphere is just as important for your outdoor spaces as it is inside the home.

Consider the following changes if you’re looking to revamp your outdoor space and get a modern look for a garden, patio, or yard.

1. Make the Sitting Area a Space for Entertaining

Keeping up appearances and maintaining a fresh, inviting atmosphere is just as i

Too many outdoor spaces have the typical set up of the standard table and chairs lawn furniture. With a few easy additions to the seating and décor, you can make those neglected patio chairs into an entertainment center.

Think about comfort. If your seating arrangements are in disarray it may be time to replace them, and if they’re still sturdy then consider getting some nice cushions to make them look inviting to you and your guests.

Large pillows in bright colors can instantly transform the look and feel quite inexpensively. In terms of style, solid pieces and straight lines provide contrast to the organic shapes in the rest of the garden.

Finally, don’t neglect the ground. Adding a colorful area rug will define the space and give that particular area of your outdoor space the intimate feel of being its own room.

If you’re not thrilled with the prospect of maintaining a rug in outdoor conditions, pave the area in an interesting pattern or just paint a bright, colorful design on the floor.

2. Incorporate Lighting

Consider the following changes if you’re looking to revamp your outdoor space an

Lighting can instantly transform an ordinary outdoor space into something exotic and welcoming.

All the cushions and feng shui in the world won’t make your guests want to socialize in a dark corner, so if you’re going to take the effort to modernize your yard, make sure people can see it.

Solar lighting is an inexpensive way to add jazz to any outdoor space.

Install a new lighting arrangement to surprise your regular guests. Drape tree trunks with string lights or hang them from branches. String lights can set a festive mood, but more subdued lighting can add drama.

Use spotlights to highlight garden fixtures and a few plants with striking structural appearance.

Beautiful light fixtures and lanterns can look great during the day, too. They come in great variety, and you’re sure to find something to suit your taste and budget.

3. Add Interest With Striking Plants

Well-manicured lawns and flower beds are nice, but they can eventually seem a bit boring and flat. Install a few striking plants to add variety to your garden.

Transforming your outdoor space won’t require many and they don’t even need to be painstakingly executed topiary to still be eye-catching.

Palms are an excellent choice if your climate allows them. They have beautiful crowns, and their trunks can be just as striking. They are low-maintenance plants, too.

Another option is cacti and succulents. You can find cold-resistant Yuccas and Agaves to suit any zone. They come in various shapes, sizes, and colors. They are easy-care and drought-resistant.

Most of them are spiny, but that shouldn’t be a problem if kept away from high-traffic areas. Baobab (Adansonia), Desert Rose (Adenium), and Ponytail Palm (Beaucarnea) are some of the non-spiny candidates to consider.

4. Get New Planters or Revamp Existing Ones

Great looking planters can add as much interest as the plants themselves. Get bold and beautiful ones in stone, ceramics, wood, or metal. Copper planters with patina are particularly striking.

You can even make your own planters with Hypertufa. It's relatively inexpensive, and can give you an opportunity to unleash your creativity.

Recycling old items and materials like tires, furniture, plastic, metal tubs, buckets, prams, and wheelbarrows into planters is also a great idea. All they need is a coat of paint in the color scheme of your garden.

If all you’re looking for is a means of sprucing up your existing look without overhauling everything, revamp any tired-looking planters in your current outdoor space with a coat of black or dark gray paint.

Add some geometric patterns or stenciled designs. Or decorate them with a mosaic of ceramic tiles and glass pebbles.

5. Introduce Architectural Pieces


Add variety to your outdoor space by introducing select architectural pieces. If your garden layout is mainly in straight lines, soften them with a few strategically placed sculptures in organic shapes.

Large vases, Buddha statues, stone sculptures, and metal artifacts are all good choices. You can even try making your own unique sculptures from metal and glass.


If your lawn and garden beds are curvaceous, set them off with sculptural pieces in geometric shapes. A grouping of square stone pillars or large pieces of granite can serve as a great backdrop to the organic features in the garden.

6. Bigger Additions

Too many outdoor spaces have the typical set up of the standard table and chairs

A water feature is a great addition to any garden, big or small. When combined with architectural pieces, water adds extra interest.

You can choose from the wide variety of ready-made gushing stone fountains and overflowing water pots, or you can get ambitious and create your own DIY water feature.

Adding a pergola can make the entertainment area the focal point of your garden. If your budget does not permit it, install a lattice screen or bamboo panel as a backdrop.

A large, raised fire pit can be another welcome addition. You can even make it do double duty by adding a great looking fire pit cover that can serve as a card table during the day.

The key, as with any room in your home, is to get creative with the design elements. Do some research and make a file of the things you love.

There are thousands of ideas and inspiring concepts available online that you can make your own. Take advantage of all of the tools you have including this site to create a fun, exciting, and modern outdoor living space.