5 Ways to Prevent Carpet Mildew

The smell of carpet mildew is very distinct and is often the first clue to a problem before you see it. It's a musty and dank smell that wreaks of biological waste much like pond scum. The underlayment of the carpet is a perfect place for mildew to grow and spread. Carpet mildew can spread quickly and remain unnoticed until it transforms itself into mold. You can prevent carpet mildew from happening. The article that follows will provide you with tricks and tips on you can prevent and stop the spread of carpet mildew.

1. Keep it Clean

Mildew loves to grow in dark areas of the home and it may grow somewhere else and find its way on a carpet. The easiest places for mildew to grow are in a bathroom between the tub and a counter or sink. Water is often splashed there and is neglected during the cleanup. This water will also get under the floor mat and mildew can grow and then spread. The same applies to anywhere in the home where a dark corner exists. These areas are often left unattended and even dirt left behind can lead to the growth of mildew. It is important that you clean the carpet often to free it of dirt which can carry biological components which can lead to carpet mildew.

2. Dry Wet Spots

When you spill something on the carpet you need to blot it up quickly. Any moisture that is left on the carpet can cause mildew to grow and spread. What will happen is that the liquid will eventually get under the carpet. The moisture in combination with the dark and cool area under the rug will create the perfect conditions for mildew growth.

3. Steam Cleaning and Drying

When moisture gets under the carpet and you feel mildew is present you can save yourself replacement costs by steam cleaning the carpet. Steam cleaning carpet mildew will not only clean the carpet and the underlayment as well as the carpet pad but the heat will kill the mildew. The trick to this procedure is that the moisture has to be dried or else it can cause mildew to grow all over again. The easiest way to dry the area is to use a hairdryer. Do not be shy to press the nozzle against the carpet on a low setting. This will also prevent the carpet from singeing.

4. Use a Dehumidifier

Having a finished basement is a great asset to any home but it also where carpet mildew will most likely form quickly. Even if you keep the carpet completely dry the moisture present in a basement can still assist the growth of mildew due to the resulting humidity. In order to prevent this from happening use a dehumidifier at all times.

5. Clean the Carpet

You'll readily clean your carpets but do so once a month with a special solution. Mix vinegar, water and baking soda together and use it in place of traditional water. This treatment will help prevent mildew from growing.