5 Ways to Protect Your Porch Swing

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Climate, usage, and sun exposure all have an effect on the wear and tear on your porch swing. Many steps can be taken to protect your swing, ensuring you have years of use ahead for your furniture.

1 - Install Correctly

A common mistake that occurs when installing a porch swing is failing to put the suspension hooks in a stud. A stud is a sturdy piece of wood meant for support, and so it's strong enough to hold up a hanging porch swing.

It is also recommended that you use anchors when installing your swing. An anchor is a plastic or metal piece that is built to reinforce a screw or bolt within a stud, wall, or ceiling. If there is damage to the stud or frame, the hooks may have trouble staying in the material and you could get hurt if you sit on the swing and it collapses.

2 - Keep It Dry

wooden porch swing on wood deck

Moisture can damage the construction of your porch swing, everywhere from the hardware to the material of the seat itself. To prevent such damage, keep your swing out of rain. If there is no shelter, put a tarp over the swing, if possible. If the seat is a hanging porch swing, there is plastic coating available to protect the chain. It is recommended that the chains stay protected, even from the day the swing is suspended.

3 - Utilize Shade

Just as moisture can damage a swing, so can sunlight. While a metal swing is less affected by sun, wicker porch swings and wood porch swings are vulnerable to the damaging heat and rays of the sun. Wicker and wood can bleach and dry out, leaving behind weak spots and splitting. The sun leeches essential oils that are contained within the wood or reeds. Plastic wicker and plastic swings can melt from the sun’s heat, also leaving weak points and causing bends in the construction where there should be none. To avoid these potential deteriorating effects, place or install the swing in an area where shade is abundant.

4 - Keep the Color

basket of produce on a porch swing

Many spray paints have protectants and anti-rust agents in them that will also help maintain the longevity of your porch furniture. If the paint begins to flake or peel, it can be beneficial to repaint the swing. This way, the protective coat is replenished, and the furniture becomes as good as new. Repainting can help to lock in essential oils in wood, and protect metal such as iron or steel from rust. This can also help stop any damage that may have already begun due to sun or moisture exposure.

5 - Remember the Hardware

Most porch swings have hardware, whether above them or below them. Keep the joints lubricated every month or two with a product built for metal lubrication. This will stop any locking up of parts due to rust, and keep the motion of the swing consistently smooth and even.

Always keep in mind the material from which your swing is made so that you can take the necessary steps to maintain it, and thus add years of beauty and usage to the life of your porch furniture.