5 Ways to Reuse Old Newspapers Around the House

Old newspapers should not go directly to the trash bin as you can find a dozen and one uses for this item. Below, you will find different practical ways to reuse old newspapers around the house. These tactics would not only help you save money but also help you protect the environment as well.

1. Glass and Floor Cleaning

Many home owners agree that the best use for old newspapers would be to clean glass. May it be mirrors, glass windows, computer monitors or television screens, old newspapers are great for cleaning these glass items. What you need to do is to mix one part vinegar and one part water. Then ball up the newspaper and soak it into the mixture. Be sure to squeeze the excess amount. Wipe the surface of the glass with the soaked newspaper using circular motion. Dry it with a piece of dry newspaper. For the floor, you can use old newspapers as floor mats. Lay down some pages near the entry door. This way, when someone enters the door, the newspaper mat will absorb moisture from the person’s shoes. This is a great way of protecting the floor from mud, snow, or water.

2. Seeding Pots

Old newspapers can also be used as seeding pots. This can be done by covering a jar with wet newspaper dipped in glue. After you’ve covered the jar mold entirely, let it dry. Once it’s completely dried up, you can remove the jar. Voila, you have a seeding pot made of old newspapers. You can start using it by filling it up with soil and planting seeds into it.

3. Composting

If you have a garden and you need compost, you can use old newspapers. Cut a few pages of the newspaper into strips and mix them together with grass clippings. The wonderful thing about this is that newspaper composts easily. Not only that, it also absorbs the unpleasant smell that comes from the composted grass clippings.

4. Fire Starters

For those who have a fireplace at home, old newspapers can be used as fire starters. As you probably know, starting a fire can be difficult especially during the winter. Newspapers will make it easier for you to keep your home warm during the cold season. What should do is to crumple newspapers into balls. Place these balls in the chimneys with kindling. Light a match into the bundled newspapers. This would easily start a fire inside the chimney.

5. Gift Bags

For the holiday seasons, you can reuse old newspapers into gift bags or gift wrappers. Gift wrappers are usually costly especially if you are going to wrap so many gifts. But if you use old newspapers, you would not only be saving a lot of money, you will also be providing the gifts with a unique look. It would also be a great idea if you can customize the gift wrap by using pages that pertain to the gift recipient’s personality. For example, you can use the fashion page for your fashionista friend or the sports section for your athletic cousin.