6 Advantages Of An Electric Chain Saw

There are several advantages to owning an electric chain saw rather than a gas-powered model. While you may think an electric version is not large or powerful enough to do your job, you will be successful using an electric chainsaw with an 8 to 18-inch chain bar blade. Here are 6 distinct advantages to using an electric model instead of a gas powered one.

Ease of Operation

Since studies show that an 18-inch chain bar bladed saw will fit close to 100 percent of the needed cutting chores around the average homeowner’s property, choosing an electric version may be the wise purchase. Overall, an electric chain saw is much easier to operate. All you need is a power source, turn the switch to the on position and you are cutting.

Gas powered chain saws require priming the motor and pulling a cord—sometimes several times—to ignite the combustible engine. Plus they are quite heavier. The lightweight design of an electric chain saw allows almost everyone the opportunity to use one without having to worry about handling a dangerous device that is made that much more difficult to swing due to its weight. An electric model does not carry the extra weight of a gas tank.


Additionally, safety chains included on electric models help to reduce the occurrence of kickbacks. Kickbacks happen when the blade tip runs into an object forcing the device to “kickback” at the operator. Electric saws are much less powerful than gas operated ones reducing the violence if a kickback occurs when operating the device.


You do not need any. Running on electricity makes for quicker recovery times because when a gas powered unit runs low on fuel, it needs to shut down and cool off before it can be refueled. Electric chain saws merely need to be plugged into an available power source.


How about just turning the switch to “ON.” Gas operated models require engine priming and pulling a cords several times to get the machine started. Gas operated machines can get flooded – when too much gas flows to the carburetor. Electric chain saws never flood. Gasoline models also need a mixture of gas to oil and poor mixtures can keep the engine from starting. There are no fuel considerations starting an electric model.


An electric chain saw makes incredibly less noise than its gasoline counterpart. Therefore, operations around and about your home will not disturb your neighbors anywhere near what a gas powered unit would.


Electric chainsaws are so much easier to store than a gas powered model. This is especially true when it comes to long-term storage. Electric models sometimes come with convenient storage and or transport cases that make it simple to clean the machine and place it in the storage container. Gas-powered models require removing gas and oil from the machine and possibly removing a spark –plug as well before the device can be properly stored for period beyond 30 days.

Electric chain saws are less expensive than their comparably powered gas operated counterparts.