6 Advantages of MC Electrical Cable

MC electrical cable is a very popular type of electrical cable which has many different advantages. The wire is very strong and uses unique armoring technology to ensure that your cables never get crushed or damaged.

By learning about the advantages of MC electrical cable you will be able to decide whether or not it's the right type of electrical cable for you. There are dozens of different types of cable, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages. You will need to spend time carefully thinking about whether or not MC electrical cable or EMT electrical conduits are the best option for you.

1. No Need for Thin Wall Cladding

One of the best features about metal clad electrical cables is that they have their own armour means that there's no need to use electrical conduit. The wire is flexible and very easy to cut, the fact that there's no need to use conduit is a welcome change for many people. Bending conduit is a skill that you have to learn and it can be very complicated to master. You will find it much easier if you use MC electrical cable because there's no need to bend anything.

2. Need Fewer Tools

Because there's no need to bend or install conduit, you don't need to use special tools. Fixing the cable to the wall is done by using pretty standard cable ties and it can also be routed in ducts if required. The armoring can also help to reduce interference caused between these wires and network or telephone cables.

3. Different Versions

There are many different versions of MC cable which are suitable for different applications. There are MC armored cables which are made out of metals which do not corrode, these are suitable for use in areas which are exposed to moisture. The most common type of MC cable is a copper cable with an aluminum protective sheath.

4. Less Restrictions

Building codes do not allow the use of normal EMT conduit in hazardous locations, however MC cable is seen as much more acceptable alternative. In most situations EMT and MC cable can be used interchangeably.

5. Easier to Install

EMT is very simple to install for simple projects, however anything more complicated can be very challenging. If you are dong a number of runs out of the same control panel then this will take a lot of planning. MC cable on the other hand is much easier to work with because it already has protection attached to them.

6. Simple to Cut

Installing EMT and other types of conduit can be fairly simple and it can normally be cut by using a hacksaw, however large projects will require much more complicated tools. A band saw would be a welcome addition if you are doing a large wiring project. On the other hand you can use MC cable without these special cutting tools.