6 Advantages of Owning Faux Granite Countertops

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If you want the look and feel of real granite but cannot afford it, you could find the ideal solution in faux granite countertops. These countertops are a simulation of expensive and elegant granite stone. Faux granite countertops are created by applying a few coats of primer and adding dabs of acrylic paint in multiple applications to obtain the desired effect of granite. Once the paint has dried completely, multiple layers of acrylic sealant such as Polycrylic protective finish are applied to provide a protective layer over the countertop. Faux granite countertops have several advantages to offer.

1. Affordability

The biggest advantage of faux granite countertops is their affordability. The price can fit into any budget. For the small price you pay, you can get yourself an elegant-looking countertop that looks no different from original granite. You do not have to pay hefty installation charges, because you can paint your countertop yourself.

2. Easy Project

Converting your existing countertop to faux granite is an easy process if you do some thorough research on the topic and prepare the work area well. Some key points to remember are that you must have a clear idea of the end result you want and that the job will be done better if the existing countertop is thoroughly cleaned beforehand. A dirty or greasy countertop will make the job look messy and uneven. Thoroughly clean, scrub and if necessary, sand the countertop so that the paint will adhere well. You can refer to original granite countertops for inspiration on the look you want. Once you find a look you like, purchase the necessary colors and apply them consecutively on your countertop.

3. Provides a Sophisticated Look and Feel

For the minimal cost and effort, you put into a faux granite countertop, you are rewarded with a look that goes far beyond most expectations. If you do the job well, most people will have difficulty believing that your countertop is not real granite. A faux granite countertop definitely adds to the attractiveness of a kitchen.

4. Long Lasting

If you take appropriate care of your faux granite countertop, it will last you for many years. Thorough application of a sealant is necessary to avoid peeling or damage to the paint underneath. It is also important to remember to keep hot utensils and sharp objects away from the faux granite countertop.

5. Easy to Maintain

Faux granite countertops require minimal maintenance and care. You do not have to worry about chips or cracks on the surface because these can be remedied easily and covered with paint. In the case of real granite, such damage may end up in the replacement of the entire countertop.

6. Wide Choice of Colors and Designs

There are endless varieties of faux granite countertops you can choose from. You get to decide the color and all the secondary colors or blotches of paint you want on the countertop. There are no restrictions on the availability and you can choose the best color options to match your current scenario.