6 Advantages of Using a Forced Air Gas Furnace

roof vent tube for forced air furnace

A forced air gas furnace operates on propane or natural gas. These heating systems are popular because they are efficient and reliable. A forced air gas furnace works by collecting cool air from the building through return ducts, heating the collected air in the furnace, and then distributing the heated air through vents. Some of the main advantages of using a forced air gas furnace are detailed below.

1 - Efficiency

A forced air gas furnace is a highly efficient means of heating your home. These devices produce heat through combustion, which allows for fast, efficient operation. You can achieve a better regulation in temperature in all areas of your home with a high-quality forced air gas furnace.

2 - Reliability

These appliances are also known for their reliability and longevity. A forced air gas furnace can provide you with many years of reliable heating. With proper maintenance and cleaning, these appliances will continue to operate at the peak of efficiency.

3 - Cost-Effectiveness

Forced air gas furnaces need some upfront investment during the purchase and installation of the appliance. However, they make up for the initial cost very quickly. Because of the high efficiency of these appliances, they cost less to operate than electric or hydronic heaters that use heated water.

4 - Fast Response Time

Heaters that operate on gas are much quicker to heat a living space. In comparison, electric furnaces have a lag time before bringing a living space to the desired temperature. Once you turn on a forced air gas furnace, you can start to feel the difference in temperature within minutes.

5 - Accommodates Additional Systems

Forced air gas furnaces can operate with other appliances such as central air conditioners, central vacuum systems, and other such appliances. You do not have to worry about replacing any existing central appliances if you decide to invest in a forced air gas furnace.

6 - High Safety Standards

Carbon monoxide poisoning is a major concern for people looking at gas appliances. However, forced air gas furnaces have rigid safety controls that block toxic fumes or the by-products of combustion before they have a chance to enter your living space. The filters in these appliances also work to keep your living environment free of allergens, dust, and other harmful material.

Drawbacks of Forced Air Gas Furnaces

In addition to all the above advantages, you can expect a few drawbacks with forced air gas furnaces. These appliances tend to be somewhat noisy. Most of us with a gas central heater are familiar with the sounds that emanate as the heater is starting up. Also, with these appliances, it is best to be on the safe side and invest in carbon monoxide detectors on every level of your home. Though forced-air gas heaters are very reliable, and inefficient installation can be hazardous to the inhabitants of a building, in addition to causing extensive wastage of energy.