6 Basement Gym Floor Options

  • 8-24 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 400-5,000
What You'll Need
What You'll Need

With so much emphasis on keeping fit and maintaining good health, some homeowners are opting to build a basement gym. Whether working out on equipment like rowing machines and treadmills or toning with Yoga and Tai Chi, the convenience of having your own gym at home provides an easy choice for your schedule. One very important choice to make for your basement gym is the flooring. Many options are available. The flooring you choose depends on your specific needs.


For light floor exercises, a carpet with a thick mat underneath may suit your needs. The many colors and designs offer something that will match the décor of your room. Many carpets are treated for easy cleanup. Carpet is also less expensive than other flooring options for a basement gym.

Rolled Vinyl Flooring

Home improvement stores sell rolled vinyl flooring that can be fitted and trimmed to the size of your room. It is relatively easy to install, has the look of real wood without the expense, offers decent shock absorbency, and is easy to clean. Unlike carpet, vinyl flooring does not collect dust, sweat smells, and germs. Note that there will be some difference in the cushioning effect.

Laminate Flooring

Good quality 12-mm laminate flooring is stylish. It is installed with pads underneath which offer some resiliency. Most laminates are water-resistant and easily maintained. While the flooring is water-resistant, it can also be badly damaged by excessive water, such as in flooding. The seams will be readily noticeable as the wood swells and contracts.

Interlocking Rubber Mats

The mats are non-skid and can be cut to fit any size room. If one piece is spot-damaged, it is easily replaced without having to redo the entire room. Rubber mats can be placed directly over the concrete floor at a lower cost than other types of flooring.

Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring is sturdy enough to support heavy exercise equipment. It is the same flooring that is used on basketball courts. The ruggedness and durability of hardwood flooring assure years of dependable service and exquisite display. Keep in mind that it is also much heavier than vinyl and take care not to overload your floor joists.

Rolled Rubber Mats

Rubber mats can be placed under heavy equipment, such as weight lifting equipment, to absorb the constant shock. The mats come in varying thicknesses and can be used in correlation with other floorings. Unlike interlocking rubber mat flooring, these mats are placed only where you need them most to fit your needs.

For the homeowner who wants the perfect basement gym, but who is also ecologically aware, companies such as Signature Sports Flooring make rubber flooring from recycled tires. These floors are easy to clean and dent resistant.

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