6 Benefits of a Xeriscape Garden

The fringe benefits of a xeriscape garden include protection of the local environment, while saving yourself work and money.

Reduce Water Use

Based on drought-tolerant local plants, grasses and shrubs, xeriscape gardens require less water at wider intervals than traditional gardens.

Reduce Pesticide and Fertilizer Use

Local and native plants have already adapted to soil, moisture and wind conditions. They can flourish without support from fertilizer and pesticide in correctly prepared garden beds.  

Create a Healthier Environment

Healthy plants that can self-sustain without chemical help will lower absorption of these chemicals into soil and by the plants themselves, so we will not eat, drink or breathe them into our bodies.

Less Intensive Garden Maintenance

Most xeriscape plants are perennials, which means less planting and uprooting of annuals every spring and fall. Just water, weed and prune as needed.

Variety and Hardiness

Many unusual florals are among the drought-resistant plants for a xeriscape garden. Lamb's Ear, Gaillardia, Coneflower, and California Poppy will add interest and color to the garden. Cold-tolerant, several of these bloom even after the first frost.

A Xeriscape Garden Saves You Money

A xeriscape garden will save you a great deal of money every year, notably the costs of fertilizer, pesticides, municipal water and trays of annual plants.