6 Best Surfaces for Using Enamel Paint

spraying enamel paint on gate
What You'll Need
What You'll Need

Enamel paint is a type of paint that can come in several finishes. Most predominantly, enamel paint has a glossy or polished look. It can also have an opaque or rather obscure finish. A common feature with all enamel paints is that they are hard, durable, and washable. Because of these qualities, enamel paints are used on a wide variety of surfaces.

If you've got some old enamel paint you're looking to make useful or you're just wondering if it would work on a certain project, take a look at this guide. These are the six best uses for an enamel paint finish.

1. Kitchens

The fact that enamel paint is highly durable and easily washable makes it ideal to be used in certain areas in the kitchen that are frequently exposed to common dirt and stains. The glossy look is usually selected because the kitchen should feature a sparkling, clean look. Enamel paint can be used on windows and doors as well.

"When using enamel paint, especially latex enamel semi-gloss or gloss paint, brush strokes will show," Ed Kimble, our painting expert, suggests. "Make sure all brush strokes are straight. Apply the paint, and then while still wet, make one long, straight stroke."

2. Bathrooms

Enamel paint is also used in bathrooms. Bathrooms by nature are made up of shiny utilities and tiles, so glossy enamel matches up well when used in these spaces. It can be used on windows, door sills, or borders. Enamel paint can also be used to paint any cabinets or other furniture used to store bathroom items.

3. Doors and Windows

Using enamel paint to paint doors and window edges is very popular. The borders and edges when painted with enamel paint look nice, while also having the benefit of being long-lasting. The natural glossy finish makes them look polished and clean without having to wipe it down regularly.

4. Floors

Enamel paint is even used to paint some floors that are prone to high traffic. Flooring surfaces that can be painted with enamel paint vary. The enamel layer will not only help to make the floors look pleasant but also clean, especially if the glossy finish is used.

5. Appliances

Enamel paint can also be used to paint appliances, which are usually made from stainless steel. Both the glossy and the opaque finish are used in this case, although the slight sheen is usually favored.

Since enamel paint is hard-wearing and durable, it is ideal for this function because it can protect the underlying metal while providing an appealing look. Besides, it is easy to clean and diminishes the rusting and other negative corrosion effects.

6. Metal Items

Enamel paint can be used on practically any item that is made from metal. Metal surfaces, especially when exposed to moisture, are prone to rust, and corrosion. Hence, painting them will diminish this risk and prolong their life.

Enamel paint is used for painting parts of vehicles, boats and even planes, which are exposed to weather conditions. It is also used on a smaller scale such as for outdoor furniture made from metal, posts, and signs.

Enamel paint is ideal for wood and metal surfaces, and this makes it popular with many. Besides the advantages mentioned above, it is also easy to apply by any means, including a paintbrush, roller or even spray. This makes it even more practical and popular.