6 Best Uses for a Texture Spray Gun

People tend to think of using a texture spray gun for the obvious things. You can obviously use it for basic decorating practices but why limit yourself to just that? If you think outside the box a little and use your imagination, you can find a number of other uses for a texture spray gun.

1. Apply Drywall Compound

The most obvious use for a texture spray gun is for spraying drywall compound. This is the perfect quick way to put it on the walls, or on the ceiling. It will still need to be smoothed out, but it’s an excellent time saver. You will need to be sure that the drywall mud has been thoroughly mixed to the right consistency, with the correct amount of water.

2. Textured Paint

You use drywall compound in a slightly different way when you’re planning on applying textured paint to a wall. The consistency of the mud will be different, and you’ll focus on some areas of the wall more than others. You’ll still need to finish the wall by hand, but you’ll have done the hardest, most laborious work with the spray gun.

3. Ceiling Texture

If you’re going for a textured ceiling, you’ll need to use a texture spray gun. The essence of this is preparation, making sure the wall and floor are carefully covered. You’ll also need to ensure you wear safety goggles, a dust mask, and a cap to keep the texture out of your hair. Although really good ceiling texture can take some practice, you’ll be able to achieve good results even if you’ve never attempted it before.

4. Refinishing Wood

There are types of textured paint that can look very wood on wood, such as picture frames. You can use a texture spray gun for these. Make sure there are drop cloths all around and behind the item, then apply the spray, using a fine light coat. You’ll find that the result is very pleasing, and will look very different. You can even rub some away from the wood while it’s wet to offer an antique look.

5. Redecoration

There are many ways of putting texture on a wall, from faux plaster to something like orange peel texture. A texture spray gun is good for them all. You will need to do your research on the best way to apply the finish you desire, but in many instance you’ll be able to use a text spray paint gun to help you achieve it. For that special touch, you can also use the texture spray gun to apply glitter paint that might clog a normal sprayer.

6. Waterproofing

If you need to apply waterproofing material to an area, this kind of spray gun is ideal for the job. It’s sturdy enough to handle the material and its texture and thickness, while making the job go far more quickly than it would by hand. Similarly, if you want to put stucco on the front of a building, us a texture spray gun to apply it. It goes on in virtually the same manner as drywall mud, but id properly sprayed on won’t really require any knock down.