6 Best Uses for Dimensional Lumber

Dimensional lumber, or dimension lumber, always comes in predetermined sizes, so if you are buying dimensional lumber, the project for which you want to use it should already be decided. Also, since dimensional lumber always comes in specific sizes, they can only be used for projects that would be right for their respective sizes. Each specific size is meant for a specific use. Here are 6 of the most common sizes and their respective uses. 

1. Framing of Walls

The most commonly used size for building and remodelling projects is 2 X 4 dimension lumber. This size is usually used for framing a room or a house. The lumber is used for framing walls and cabinets and can even be used for fixing up ceilings. Another size that can be used for making frames is 1 X 2 dimension lumber. To nail the wall boards, studs of 6 X 6 or 4 X 4 are used.

2. Outdoor Canopies and Stools

6 X 6 or 4 X 4 dimension boards are used as studs for most of the nailing work in buildings and remodelling. However, they can also be used to build the legs and tops of small tables. These small tables can be used as footstools or for putting up canopies in the outdoors. Other uses include creating mounts for mailboxes and making frames for holding lattice work.

3. Flooring and Ceiling

For floors and ceilings, boards measuring 6 x 12 or 8 X 12 are used. These can make sturdy surfaces when the flooring joists are already in place. For heavy duty areas, you may have to use smaller 4 X 4s or 6 X 6s to make the frames and brackets. You can also use metal brackets in the corners that can help hold the ceiling. Since metal frames do not rot, they give adequate support to the ceiling.  

4. Hardwood Floors

Apart from the regular flooring, dimensional lumber is also used as hardwood flooring in many houses. However, if you are planning to use dimensional lumber for hardwood floors, you will have to get it on special order because they are not easily available. A lot of people like to buy rough lumber instead of treated lumber for their hardwood floors to give it a more natural feel.

5. Wall Paneling

Dimensional lumber is popularly used for wood paneling. You can use both wide and narrow plank sizes for these, depending on the kind of paneling you want to install. Just like with the floors, planks of the sizes 6 X 12 or 8 X 12 are used to make wall paneling. The wider the planks, the better the finish that they give to the walls.

6. Furniture and Cabinets

Dimensional lumber can be used to make different kinds of furniture and cabinets. Most of the large cabinets and dressers use the larger planks of dimensional lumber. Depending on the size of the furniture you want, you can get the size of the dimensional lumber prescribed. Decorative mouldings or mirrors and glasses can be added to the cabinet to give it a more finished look. The furniture can also be polished or painted to further enhance the appearance.