6 Best Uses for Hardboard

A close-up of the textured surface of a hardboard piece.

Hardboard is a type of extremely dense fiberboard used in a variety of different applications in the construction field. There are other areas in your life you can apply it, however. Read on to learn about some of the best uses for hardboard.

1. Countertop

Installing a laminate countertop

Hardboard is commonly used as a material for countertops. You can put a number of different things on top of hardboard in order to form a durable surface. For example, many people put laminate on top to form a very hard countertop to work with. By doing this, you can basically achieve any look that you are going for and copy any other type of material, like granite or marble, for a fraction of the cost. This type of countertop stands up well to knives and other kitchen utensils that you would be using to prepare a meal.

2. Subfloor

One of the best subfloors around is hardboard. Using it provides you with a very strong foundation on which to lay flooring, and you will not have to worry about it moving up and down as much as you do with other types of subfloor materials.

3. Furniture

Hardboard is commonly used as a construction material when building furniture. This provides you with a very strong piece of wood in order to build the frame for the furniture. You could potentially use it in any number of furniture pieces and it will hold up well.

4. Flooring

Laminate wood flooring

Laminate flooring manufacturers use hardboard as the core of their laminate products in many cases. It provides some substance to the floor and keeps it from buckling or breaking. They will put a digital image of wood, tile, or some other flooring on top of the hardboard and then put a walking layer on top of that. This is also used when constructing engineered hardwood as the core of that as well. They will then put a wood veneer on top of this layer.

5. Painting

This type of material is commonly used by painters across the world. By covering up the hardboard with a canvas, you will get a very sturdy surface on which to paint. Since it is very inexpensive, painters can buy several pieces of it in order to make multiple canvases.

6. Cabinets

This type of wood does not have any grain to it, which provides a very unique look that some people like for cabinets. It can also be used as the interior if you prefer some other type of material on the outside where you can see. By using this material, you can get some very reasonable prices for a very durable surface. This combination makes it very desirable in the world of affordable kitchen remodels.