6 Best Uses for Metallic Spray Paint

If you are thinking about doing some fun projects around the house, why not consider using metallic spray paint? This can add a new shimmer to something in your home, or it can restore the look of worn metal. Below are a few project ideas if you're in the mood for metallic paint.

Outdoor Furniture

Since outdoor furniture fades easily, a lot of times you may need to rejuvenate the look of your metal. This can easily be donr with spray paint. By working outside, you already have the ventilation you need for the project. Just be sure to thoroughly clean the metal furniture so the paint will stick. Get any dirt off that you can, and if the surface is really smooth, go over it with some fine grit sand paper prior to spraying it on.

Plastic Items

You can make plastic look like metal from a far with some metallic spray paint. In this situation, you want to make sure that the paint you use will work with the texture of plastic surfaces. A lot of spray paints on the market will just peel right off of plastics. You may again want to sand down whatever you may be painting so the paint will adhere better. Using spray paint on plastic will provide a cheaper alternative than having something that is actually made of metal, and you can always change the color if you don't like it.


You can easily give hardware a new look with metallic paint. You'd be amazed by how easily you can transform a kitchen or bathroom by using metallic paint on the hardware. If you change the theme of a room, a simple coat of spray paint will save you from buying entirely new hardware, and it will also allow you to choose the exact color of hinges and nobs for the space.

Light Fixtures

It's really easy to find cool lamps out there, but they aren't always in the right color. Brass lamps, for instance, are a bit dated, but many of them still come in neat shapes and designs. Rather than looking for an inadequate substitute, you can spray paint the lamp so that it matches the theme of your home. Bright brass can turn to a more subtle nickel, and all the while, you can be getting a new design piece for your home.


If you know what you're doing, you can use some forms of metallic auto paint to give your ride a glimmer all it's own. This is not recommended for people just looking to experiment with their vehicle paint colors. With a little bit of know how though, you can get a great new look for your car.

Valve Covers

A lot of show car owners try to paint their valve covers to match their cars. You can do this fairly easily by removing your vehicle's valve cover, sanding it, and spraying it with metallic spray paint. You can use stencils to put designs on the cover, or you can just keep it solid. It's up to you.