6 Best Uses for Pipe Clamps

Pipe clamps are most commonly used in wood-working shops. Traditionally, a pipe clamp is made of two basic structures—an adjustable jaw and a pipe threaded through it so that the gap between the jaws can be adjusted according to the need. These pipe clamps are much like bar clamps but are much less expensive.

Clamps can be extremely useful for performing home repairs and do-it-yourself home improvement projects. No toolbox is complete without clamps, and perhaps this is why clamps are extremely essential. There are several types of clamps that may be of use to a do-it-yourself enthusiast from time to time. These clamps come in various sizes and shapes and perform different functions. Some of the commonly used clamps are the miter clamps, C clamps, spring clamps and band clamps. Here are 6 of the best uses of pipe clamps.

1. Edge Gluing

The most common use of a pipe clamp is edge gluing. Using clamps, several boards can be joined together so that a wider surface can be produced. Clamps can be used to make makeshift table tops and cabinet components. For making these, several pipe clamps are set up on a work bench, and a clamping pressure is applied along the length of the boards that are being joined together.

2. Assembling Boxes and Cabinets

Pipe clamps are very handy when you want to assemble all four sides of boxes and cabinets; in fact, pipe clamps is what holds the boards together and gives the material some structure. By fixing the clamps in the sides, the sides of the packaging boxes can be brought together and glued. If you do not want to glue them, you can even leave the pipe clamps fixed.

3. Corner Framing

While working on projects with wood, pipe clamps can be used to cut symmetrical corners. For instance, you can use four clamps to cut out four corners of a frame. With the help of special pipe clamps, you always get perfect 90 degree angles when cutting corners.

4. Bundling Ropes and Hoses

Another innovative use for pipe clamps is to bundle ropes and hoses so that they can be neatly stored. In fact, pipe clamps can be used to stack away most utility items in a tidy manner. That said; one should be careful when using pipe clamps on hoses; if you clamp them too tightly, you risk puncturing them.

5. Holding Fixed Pipes in Place

Pipe holder clamps and tri-clamps are excellent for providing support to pipes that have to be suspended overhead. These clamps can be fixed to a wall or the ceiling and can be used to firmly secure pipes.

6. Fixing a Leak

If you have small leaks in your pipes, pipe clamps can be attached to the leaking areas in order to keep the pipe from leaking. However, pipe clamps cannot be used if the leaks are large or liquids and gases are passing through with high speed and pressure. In such a case, the pipe has to be completely replaced.