6 Common Steam Generator Problems

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A steam generator is a wonderful addition to any central heating system. Steam generators are an alternative to conventional boilers. There are many problems that can arise when installing a steam generator. Steam generators require both fuel and water to work properly. Without both, the steam generator won't work.

Understanding the common problems which affect your steam generator will make it much easier to install it properly. Steam boilers are very popular in old properties, which is why you might need to learn how to repair these common problems.

Steam Leaking

Among the most common problems is that steam will leak and fill the whole room. Steam leaks usually occur because the incorrect doors have been fitted to the shower. The doors must extend from the ceiling to the floor and have the right seals. Faulty rubber seals also allow steam to leak out.

Banging Pipes

Banging pipes are a problem with many different types of heating systems. The condensing water meets the hot steam, causing the pipes to expand and contract quickly. The problem is caused when the trap getting clogs, preventing the condensed water from returning quickly enough to the boiler. As a result, excess water collects in the boiler. The return piping must deliver the return water back to the boiler as quickly as possible to eliminate the problem.

Steam Vents Leaking

The vents in radiators are used to get rid of air as it is pushed out by the steam. Sometimes the steam vents might leak water. This could be because the vents are mounted level with the floor. This causes condensed water to escape out of the valves, rather than returning down the return pipe.

Radiators Not Getting Hot

One of the most common problems is that the radiators do not heat properly. It can have a number of different causes. Ensure that the radiator valves are open. If that doesn't work, consult a professional.

Build Up

The boiler needs to be flushed on a regular basis. If it is not, solids and sediment will accumulate, causing many problems and safety hazards.

Carbonic Acids

In some systems, carbonic acids can naturally accumulate. These acids can destroy expensive boiler components and pipes. A professional is required to correct the problem.