6 Common Uses for a Digital Pocket Scale

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What You'll Need
Digital pocket scale
What You'll Need
Digital pocket scale

The digital pocket scale is becoming increasingly useful in many different walks of life. There are quite a few styles of pocket scale available which can assist people who have to measure weight and mass but do not wish to carry around a huge set of scales with all the weights needed to determine measurements.

1. Gold

In days gone by, jewelers would require gold weighing scales if they went out to purchase gold from an outside source. They would carry a large case around with them, which contained a set of heavy brass balancing scales and all the accompanying weights that needed to be taken along to complete the ensemble.

Now, however, jewelers can carry a handy pocket scale which is no larger than a typical cell phone and weighs about the same. These scales can accept weights of varying degrees, depending on the type they buy. They can read most jewelry to ascertain weight and value.

2. Letters and Parcels

Companies can use small pocket digital scales to weigh outgoing parcels or letters. If they need to foresee how much the mailing costs will be before they attempt to carry them to the post office, they can use the digital pocket scale to ascertain the weight.

Clearly there are some setbacks to the size of the parcel the scales will take but some come with expansion lids that cover the front of the scale like a flip-top cell phone. These lids can double the size of the parcel being weighed and therefore allow the scales to be used for larger parcels.

3. Diamonds

Diamond buyers can benefit from the use of digital pocket scales in the same way that jewelers benefit. They can be carried in the pocket or a briefcase and be implemented for weighing diamonds.

Some scales will have a tray-shaped lid that can be removed, turned over, and used to hold the diamonds being weighed. The main advantage of digital weighing scales for use with diamonds and jewelry is that the scales are accurate to the finest degree and there is no room for human error.

4. Pharmaceutical

Pharmacies around the globe can benefit greatly from measuring medicine with digital scales. In the production of prescription filling, digital scales precise enough to accurately measure the number of tablets needed for one bottle or any size prescription.

5. Luggage Scales

This might seem rather far-fetched, but pocket digital scales can also come in hanging form, complete with a handle. Simply hook the scales to the luggage and lift. The digital readout will tell you whether your luggage is going to cost you extra at the airport before you reach the check-in desk. If it's over the limit, you can then remove some items and re-weigh the bag.

6. Camping

Why camping? Well, campers need to prepare meals in the outdoors. Recipes need measuring and digital pocket scales are ideal for their portability. Put them in your rucksack and pull them out to weigh your ingredients.

Not just that, but when you go camping, don’t you go fishing too? You can also use the scale to weigh that fish you caught and there’s no doubt at all about the real size of it.