6 Deck Planter Box Design Ideas

A deck planter box can bring your colorful garden closer to your home. Choose from several styles of planter boxes, freestanding, or with attached benches or even trellises to enhance your deck landscaping.

Square Freestanding Planter Boxes

Make these large planter boxes out of vertical planks of cedar, redwood or teak, all known for their sturdiness in various weather conditions. Add a top rail for decorative interest, and so that someone sitting near it can set down their beverage.  Build them as small as 12 inches square, or up to 30 inches across, if the planter will be in a permanent location.

Rectangular and Corner Planter Boxes

Plants that spread by runners will flourish in a long rectangular box, 48 inches long by 12 inches wide. Frame a corner of the deck with a V-shaped planter, made in split-rail style with open spaces between the rails. This will help your plants get more air ventilation at the roots. Secure a large freestanding planter box to your deck with wood screws affixed to the planter's support legs. Always raise the planter base inside the box to allow for water drainage. This will prevent your plants from developing mold-based diseases in their roots and leaves.  

Planter Bench Boxes

Any deck can always use more seating, so building planters with bench seating between will improve your deck's beauty and comfort at the same time. Make the bench seat the same depth from front to back as the size of the planters. If you make the bench more than 36 inches long, provide a center support for the seat planks. Use at least 2 planks to create the seat for comfort and stability.

Trellis Planter Boxes

If you want to add climbing plants such as morning glory or hollyhock to your deck, build a deck planter box with an attached trellis. It can be ladder-style or with a diamond crosshatch pattern.   of thin planks.

Where to Locate Your Deck Planter Boxes

You can put your deck planter boxes on just the corners of your deck, along one edge, or close to the house wall if you choose plants that like shade for part of the day. Install one with bench seating not far from the barbecue grill.  Add to its usefulness by building in 2 storage drawers below the seat. You can store grilling accessories, placemats and other table items right where they are needed. If you have a deck well above ground level, add a trellis that goes from the deck to the ground to train trailing plants and vines downward. Such a screen can conceal air conditioners or utility boxes under the deck.

The Un-Finishing Touch

If you put garden soil and sand inside your planter box for your plants, leave the inside wood unfinished. Many decorative finishes, such as paint, varnish and stains, will harm your plants.

Plan your deck landscaping with garden accents in mind, and build just the right planters to add the color, scent and texture of your flowers to your outdoor leisure environment.