6 Deer-Attracting Plants to Avoid

Deer are a problem source for many gardeners. They can invade food and flower gardens and can completely wipe out the area if they are not stopped. One way to get rid of dear is by avoiding growing plants that they love.


Hosta is often planted around the exterior of homes. They are a favorite snack for deer, particularly the juicy leaves.


Roses are beautiful, but deer love to eat the flowers. Deer will not be deterred by thorns and will even eat bad tasting varieties.


Unless the root system is well-established, and too much hasn't been eaten off, these plants will not survive to come back the next year once deer get to them.


Deer love to eat these flowers as well. Pansies are considered 'deer food' in many areas.

Crab Apple

Deer are attracted to crab apple trees and will eat any apples that they can reach. They will also eat them off of the ground. Plant regular apple trees instead.


Deer also love sunflowers and particularly like the leaves. Even very tall sunflowers are not safe from their reach.

All of the plants above can be transplanted to areas where dear are welcome.