6 Designs to Get Rid of in Your Bathroom

An outdated glass block wall.
  • 1-40 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 1-2,500

Whether your home was built at the turn of the century or you feel like you just hammered in the last nail on a new structure, interior design trends fleet as quickly as the new iPhone model. The bathroom is a primary example of passing fads and these outdated styles are a target for an upgrade.

1. Block Windows

A popular theme in the 1980s, block windows are frozen in time. The idea behind them fit the needs of a bathroom quite well—let light in while providing privacy. They were used as main windows and also as dividing walls around bathing areas and toilets. Unfortunately, if you still have block windows in your bathroom, they probably feel like a piece of furniture was dropped in the middle of your space. The thick glass is confining and anything other than versatile. Besides these disadvantages, block windows do not allow airflow in one room that you likely need it the most. One note: sometimes block windows were used in bathrooms to disguise a poor architectural design, so make sure you know what you’re uncovering before putting the sledgehammer to work.

2. Subway Tiles

A wall of white subway tile.

Every upscale bathroom used to look towards subway tiles to add a glossy shimmer and, well, underground, appeal to the walls. With the many new types of tiles on the market, the subway version is yesterday’s news. Instead, opt for a matte finish in darker colors as deep green and blue come back into vogue, pushing out the monochromatic whites, beiges, and grays of the past.

3. Contractor-Grade, Anything

Contractor-grade anything is almost always ready for an upgrade. Whether it's the mass-produced light fixture, the hollow-core cabinetry, or cheap toilet paper holders, if the builders put it in as their selection, it’s ready for an upgrade.

4. Chevron Prints

Chevron prints flooded the marketplace in nearly every industry for many years. Rugs, curtains, clothing, and even flooring got in on the trend. Alas, the chevron craze is coming to a close with textured solids sliding into its place. So consider trading those chevron rugs and bathroom towels in on a more modern vibe to your bathroom.

5. Copper and Brass

A brass faucet on a bathroom sink.

These are two materials that come and go in the home design community. Think about the large number of houses blanketed in brass light fixtures and doorknobs and you’ll see what we mean. Copper will always be an option for some decorators, but mainly for its functionality in regulating water temperature and the appeal of a fixture with aged green patina selectively placed. Modern trends incorporate iron, stainless steel, and brushed options, but you should always feel free to make a statement with a unique piece that appeals to you. You have to live with it so it should reflect your joi de Vivre.

6. Carpet

Depending on the era of your bathroom, you could still have carpet on the floor. Anything from green shag to the highly popular glue-down options could be stuck to the floor. Even if your bathroom has received an upgrade to a decade in the past twenty years, carpet is a bad choice for bathrooms. Not only does it harbor all the nasty things that come along with moisture, but it's difficult to properly clean. Instead, rely on upgraded vinyl or one of the newer waterproof engineered laminate options.