6 Different Types Of Artemisias

Artemisias are named for the Greek goddess Artemis. There are more than 300 species, but only a few are grown in home gardens. The following will provide some information on six of the most popular types.


This plant grows into a woody shrub and grows to a height about 30 inches. It grows incised leaves that are covered in fine hairs. It gives off a bittersweet aroma. This species includes varieties like Lambrook Silver and Powis Castle.

Tree Wormwood

Similar to wormwood, but grows to a height of five to six feet with narrower leaves. The aroma is less prevalent.

Roman Wormwood

This variety is a low growing plant which grows to a height of about 16 inches. It has more finely cut leaves and a stronger aroma.

White Sage

An aromatic upright shrub with silver leaves. This plant grows to a height of approximately four feet. One variety is the popular Silver King.


A perennial that grows to about 35 inches in height, it has incised leaves that are deep green on the upper surface and a grayish white color on the underside.


An upward growth bush approximately 35 inches in height. Leaves are thread-like and finely divided. Has an aroma of lemon and camphor.

Wilde Als

A popular garden plant indigenous to Africa. This plant develops into a clumpy bush up to around six and a half feet in height. The plant displays grayish-green leathery leaves with cream colored flowers at the end of summer.