6 Different Varieties of Dogwood Trees

There are numerous species of dogwood trees available for purchase on the market, many of which produce beautiful showy blossoms. The following describes six species of flowering dogwood trees, all of which would make beautiful contributions to your yard.

Pagoda Dogwood Tree

This species of dogwood tree is native to eastern North America, which makes it an ideal and ecologically sound species of dogwood to plant if you live in that area. In early May, the pagoda dogwood produces clusters of cream colored blossoms that contrast beautifully against the tree’s teardrop shaped leaves.

Giant Dogwood Tree

This species of dogwood tree requires full sun and grows remarkably fast. It is the largest species of dogwood tree, but is not native to any part of the United States. In the spring, it produces an array of small white blossoms that turn into a black fruit later in the season. The fruit of the giant dogwood tree attracts birds and other desirable wildlife.

European Dogwood Tree

The European dogwood tree has dark green branches with green offshoots. The best thing about this species of flowering dogwood is the fact that it produces brilliant yellow blossoms in early spring. The yellow flowers quickly turn into clusters of small, red fruits that are actually edible for humans. The taste of the fruit of the European dogwood tree is similar to a cranberry with its bitterness and tangy tartness.

Blackfruit Dogwood Tree

This tree is native to the northern part of California and grows wildly along river banks and mountain ridges. Since this species of dogwood is native to California, it is an excellent species for someone living on the west coast to plant. Since this species of dogwood is native to the west coast, it will naturally thrive and contribute to a balanced and sustainable ecosystem. The flowers produced by this tree are a pale yellow and white color. The flowers eventually swell into fruit that is simply irresistible to birds.

Roughleaf Dogwood Tree


This petite tree (never exceeding heights of twenty five feet) produces beautiful clusters of medium-sized white blossoms each summer.  It is native to the Midwest and is best suited to thrive in the Great Plains environment. This species of dogwood tree is dense and bushy enough to be planted as a hedge or privacy fence.

Pacific Dogwood Tree


The pacific dogwood tree is native to western North America and is a common sight in the Pacific Northwest. It is one of the few flowering species of dogwood trees that produces one large blossom instead of a cluster of blossoms. The flower produced by the pacific dogwood is approximately two inches in diameter and is composed of a series of pure white petals surrounding a furry white center.