6 Different Wooden Shutter Parts

If you ever have to repair your wooden shutter, you must know which parts to purchase. Below are six different wooden shutter parts that you should know about. If you have recently purchased shutters for the exterior of your home, knowing these six parts will be helpful for you in the future.

1. Nylon Shutter Pins

Nylon shutter pins are located at the bottom of each louver. These pins keep the louver together and make rotation with the panel possible. For instance, if there was a broken pin on your wooden shutter, the only way to get the louver on the panel is by having a nylon shutter pin available.

2. Shutter Catches

Shutter catches help your wooden panels to stay closed when you need them to. These work with a clasp system in place so that the two ends connect. You can install this on your wooden shutters without much effort. Simply attach the clasp to your window and secure the button to your wooden shutter panel. Once the button and clasp meet each other you will have a successful shutter catch in place.

3. Shutter Knobs

Shutter knobs are purchased for decorating purposes only. They will function as a working knob if you pull the panels yourself with the knobs. If you were to attach a catch lever to the other panels’ knob you could create closing wood panel shutters. These come in a variety of colors and styles. If you would like to enhance the appearance of your wooden shutter, this would be the part to purchase.

4. Shutter Tilt Rods

Shutter tilt rods are located in the middle of a wooden shutter panel. They have the purpose of opening and closing the louvers. If you were to push the shutter tilt rod up, the louvers would close upwards. If the shutter tilt rod is pulled down, it will close downwards. If the shutter tilt rod ever breaks it will be simple to place a new rod into the wooden panel. It would be much easier to just purchase the tilt rod kit.

5. Shutter Hinges

Shutter hinges are the wooden shutter parts that make the panels functional. They are found along the outside of the wooden panel and come in an assortment of different metals and colors. There is also a screw that is found inside of the hinges and some people decide to order the screws in a separate color than the hinge itself. When you open the door you will notice the hinge. For people that have wooden panel shutters and rely on them for weather protection, hinges are important because they are attached to the exterior of the house. If the hinges fall off it will be impossible to protect the windows during a storm.

6. Shutter Tension Washers

Shutter tension washers keep the louvers on the wooden panel stable and tight. The tilt rod’s weight is what makes the louvers stay down. If the washers are broken, it will not be possible to keep the tension on the panels. These should be kept around your home because if one of these parts were to break the whole panel will not work.