6 Dorm Room Space Saving Tips

In order to most efficiently utilize your dorm room space, you need to be a little creative. The following will provide you some space-saving tips to help you make the most of your dorm room.

1. Make some Extra Space in the Closet

A closet is never enough for all your stuff. But you can make use of some extra adjustable closet racks or shower racks. These can be used to store lightweight items, such as bath accessories.

2. Space Under the Bed

You can keep your duffel bag or suitcase in the space under your bed. But first, pack it full of your off-season clothes, like heavy coats or sweatshirts you don't plan on wearing right away.

3. Space at the Bed-Ends

Use fold-up tables or shelves at the foot of your bed to store shoes and other small items.

4. Collapsable Clothes Hamper

When you purchase your hamper, pick one that collapses. That way, when it's not in use, you can fold it up and throw it under your bed.

5. Use Small Plastic Baskets

Plastic tubs with lids are very popular, but smaller baskets may actually be better space-savers. You may find that you're so pressed for space that even tubs are too big.

6. Wooden Folding Tables & Desks

Buy some wooden folding tables and desks. You can use them for eating, keeping laptop or books, etc.

Space Under the Bed