6 Easy DIY Variations of the Classic Canopy Bed

A beautiful canopy bed is an easy, affordable project that adds drama and romance to any bedroom. Before you begin, consider your budget, sewing skills, and the decor of your room.

You can use any fabric to make a fabulous canopy bed. Silk, velvet, tapestry or chintz are more traditional, but gingham, muslin, chiffon, mosquito netting, or coordinating sheets are all great possibilities. The fabric panels should be cut to touch the floor when hung. Adding lining or coordinating prints to your fabric panels creates a more professional look. Consider choosing a print for the outside fabric with a coordinating solid for the inside. Cords and Drapery ties add a nice touch as well.

1. Fabric Draped over a Structured Canopy Adds Instant Appeal

If your bed has a structured canopy, simply hang a large, hemmed cut of fabric over the top frame rails to create your canopy bed.

2. Create a Quick and Beautiful Canopy with Curtain Rods and Drapes

If you do not have a canopy structure, perhaps the easiest method is to simply install curtain rods to the ceiling above the head and both sides of your bed. Attach the curtain clips onto the rod before you install the curtain rod, unless the clips have an opening that will allow them to be attached after the rods are hung. Once the rods are in place, hang curtains from the clip rings, or use tab top panel drapes, tie-top drapes, or grommets to create the curtain hangings for your canopy. Consider drapery tie backs for added flare.

3. The Crown Canopy Adds Instant Glamour

A crown canopy is an elegant focal piece for any bedroom. Simply cut a half circle out of 3/4" plywood. Attach long fabric panels around all sides of the half circle, creating a full sweep of color. Once the panels are attached, mount the half circle directly onto the ceiling above the bed. As an alternative, you can let the circle float using L-brackets attached to the wall.

4. The Shelf Canopy is a Dramatic Option

A variation to the crown canopy is the shelf canopy, in which a simple shelf is installed onto the wall above the bed. Once the shelf is installed, staple the fabric to the shelf where it meets the wall on all sides, including the front. Allow the fabric to wrap around the edge of the board, using a heavy fabric for the outside and a soft fabric for the inside.

5. Whip Up a Whimsical Canopy with Large Rings and Fabric

If you have a very plain bed, simply drape two long fabric panels through a large ring made of wood or metal that is attached to the ceiling above the center of the head of your bed. Pull the fabric panels through the ring, and pull them softly down to the floor on both sides of the bed. Spread the panels to frame the bed.

6. Add Romance by Reposition Your Rings and Adding a Swag

Yet another easy variation is to install a ring onto the ceiling at both sides of the head of the bed. Pull long fabric panels through both rings and drape them softly to the floor. For added color, swag the area between the rings at the ceiling, forming a frame for the top of your bed. For a more elegant variation, install four rings on the ceiling at each corner of the bed. Pull a long fabric panel through each ring, making sure they fall completely to the floor.