6 Essential Alligator Lopper Safety Tips

An alligator lopper is an electrical lopper designed to cut off branches with ease. It is actually a chainsaw with a lopper design. It can cut off wood with a diameter of up to 4 inches. One of the main problems when using this device is its cord. The power cord that connects it to the electrical supply usually gets in the way during operation. Nonetheless, it is a popular tool for gardeners because of the ease of use it brings. Here are some essential safety tips to consider when using this device.

Tip 1 – Work in a Clean Area

Do not work in an area where there are a lot of things that may get in the way. Remember that the device is a very powerful device that has the power to cut not only wood but human bones as well. Make sure that the working area is free from things that may cause anyone to loose balance or footing while working with the device. Also make sure that the cord does not get stuck into anything.

Tip 2 – Store in a Safe Place

Do not let children play with the device. Store it in a secure place where children can not access it. If it is stored in a cabinet, lock the cabinet. Adults who have a clear understanding of the safety precautions of using the device should be the only ones allowed to use the power tool.

Tip 3 – Keep Away from Water and Moisture

The device works by using electrical power to operate. Do not let it get in contact with water as the water may damage the device or cause injury during operation. When cleaning the device, make use of a damp cloth to clean only the surfaces and never allow water to seep into its internal parts.

Tip 4 – Always Wear Protective Gear

Wear goggles to protect the eye, gloves to protect the hand and earplugs (optional) to protect the ears from vibration. Also wear appropriate clothing when cutting branches.

Tip 5 – Be Safe When Cutting Branches

Some branches may be under tension, so stay away from the opposite direction of the tension when cutting. The branch may spring back when cut, so stand out of the direction of the spring-back effect. Also, be in a position where falling branches will not cause any damage to any part of your body such as the feet.

Tip 6 – Never Operate the Machine When Fatigued or Too Tired

Do not operate the machine when feeling sleepy or lethargic and most especially when under the influence of alcohol or any intoxicating drink. An alligator lopper is a power tool that requires extreme caution so operate the machine only when in good physical and mental condition. This should be taken into consideration seriously.