6 Fashionable Bathroom Wall Accessories

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When completing your bathroom remodel, do not forget to include stylish bathroom wall accessories.

Choices and Decisions

When choosing bathroom wall accessories, keep in mind the overall impact it will make in your bathroom. Does it fit in with your decorations? Will it add any function or is it just design? Do you have the necessary wall space for the accessory?

Many bathroom wall accessories can match different styles of bathrooms, from modern to contemporary to traditional. Bathroom wall accessories can free up wall space and add storage options.

Towel Racks

Among the most basic of all bathroom wall accessories is a towel rack. Towel racks can be more than just a wooden dowel or metal bar. Very elaborate towel racks can contain shelves, drawers, mirrors, toilet paper holders, and even towel heater to warm your towel.


The mirror you choose for your new bathroom can make the space success. Because it can make your room feel large or small, the mirror is an important bathroom wall accessory. You can choose a small oval mirror that hangs from a single nail or even a full wall mirrors. These mirror systems can contain several sections and be framed with lights.


A bathroom accessory that is gaining rapid popularity is a wall mounted heater. Many older bathrooms do not have any heating ducts. Hanging a small electric heater on the wall can keep the bathroom heated for when you are going to be using it. Many are programmable so you can have it warmed up before you wake up in the morning.


It might be a given that a bathroom needs cabinets, but besides a vanity, some people don't think about any extra cabinets. If your bathroom has the wall space, wall mounted cabinets can add a lot of storage space for towels, laundry, and other bathroom essentials.


Besides the ceiling light, not a lot of thought is put into other lights which can be added to a bathroom for more lighting options. Lights around the mirror give you a much brighter station to prepare for the day. Lights hanging near the bathtub can be lowered to add a relaxing mood.


Besides large bathroom wall accessories, tiny hooks on the wall can be the most practical addition. Hanging towels, bath robes, shirts, and dresses on these hooks will keep your clothes off the floor while you are in the shower.