6 Flagstone Flooring Maintenance Tips

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Flagstone flooring is one of the most versatile types for residential use. It is produced from a type of sedimentary rock that is split into thin layers. The resultant flat stone is widely used on patios, walkways, steps, fireplaces and even roofs. Flagstone is available in various styles, colors, and finishes. The material also enables a wide range of flooring designs to be undertaken which adds to its appeal. A well-maintained flagstone floor can enhance the beauty of your home considerably. Below are 6 tips to help you care for your floor.

1. Cleaning

Sweep your floor regularly to clear dust and dirt. Materials such as sand and grit can easily damage your floor due to the abrasive action. A damp mop can clear away most dirt occurrence on a flagstone floor. When you have to clean with soap, make sure it is a neutral cleaner with a pH of about 7. Natural stone soap and water are an effective way to clean your flagstone floor. A sponge can help to remove dirt and stains. Always make sure that the floor is well rinsed and then dry with a clean cloth. Change the rinse water frequently as dirty water will leave streaks on your floor.

2. Stains

Due to the porous nature of flagstone, stains may occur on your floor. Use organic stain removers to clear organic stains. Non-organic stains can be cleared with a mild bleach solution. It is important that you rinse the treated area thoroughly. Residues of stain remover can cause permanent discoloration on your floor.

3. Sealing

Flagstone is a porous rock. As such, liquid spills on the floor can easily cause stains. It helps if you seal your floor every 2 to 3 years. This helps to prevent stains and also enhances the beauty of the floor. You may want to apply an acrylic floor finish after the sealer has dried to help protect the floor even further.

4. Use Mats

Sand and grit are a top cause of scratches and loss of luster on your flagstone floor. It is a good idea to use mats or rugs in the high traffic areas of your floor. When you place a mat in the doorway, it helps to capture a lot of the dust and debris that would otherwise end up on the floor.

5. Preventive Action

Your flagstone floor can easily develop scratches if caution isn’t exercised. Do not push heavy items across your floor. If you have to rearrange furniture or other heavy items, it is best to seek help so that items are lifted. Wipe away all liquid spills as soon as they occur to prevent stains. It also helps if you make sure that potted plants have a dish underneath to capture water.

6. Products to Avoid

The use of certain products on your flagstone floor will ruin its fine appearance. It is also likely to damage your floor. It is best not to use acid-based or citrus-based cleaners. This includes those that contain lemon juice and vinegar. Avoid products that contain ammonia as these will cause your flagstone floor to lose its luster. Other cleaners that you need to steer clear of are grout cleaners, bathroom tub cleaners and scouring powders. These products involve abrasive action that will easily ruin your flagstone floor.