6 Affordable Outdoor Heaters

outdoor patio gas heater with fire on

Fall and winter are the perfect times to indulge in some time outside thanks to outdoor heaters. These can get pricey, but there are a lot of great affordable options out there to consider.

1. Mr. Heater 45,000 BTU

Mr. Heater patio heater with open top

This is a great affordable outdoor heater to allow you to enjoy your patio no matter what the season! Coming in under $100, the price point is hard to beat. The 360-degree burner head swivels up to 150 degrees, which allows for heat to shoot out in multiple directions, making everyone enjoying the patio happy!

This heater also has a 9.5 hour run time with a full tank, which is pretty impressive. Plus, you’ll be able to light this heater easily thanks to its push-button safety valve. Finally, feel safe using it thanks to its tip-over shut-off switch. All around, the Mr. Heater is a great choice when looking to stay budget conscious!

2. Amazon Basics Outdoor Heater

basic metal outdoor heater

Coming in at a little bit higher of a price point, this heater looks like a more traditional outdoor one and is a really good value. There’s a lot to love about this heater, too! It has a nine-foot radius, which is a pretty far reach. It also has a safety auto shut-off tilt valve to give you peace of mind.

Another great thing to note is that it has a detachable wheel for simple mobility. Finally, your purchase will be backed by a one-year Amazon Basics limited warranty, which is pretty sweet.

3. Hampton Bay 48000 Speaker

Another amazing yet affordable outdoor heater is this model by Hampton Bay. This patio heater is not only easy to use and really warm, but it comes at a great price point, under $200. This heater packs some serious punch, warming up to 200 square feet.

Another wonderful aspect of this heater is the sleek, modern appearance of the heater overall. One of the best features is its adjustable heat control system, which lets you pinpoint the perfect temperature for you and your guests. Overall, this heater is a solid choice!

4. Dr. Infrared Heater Wall Mount Carbon Infrared Heater

horizontal patio heater

This is another heater that comes in under $200. Different from the other models we’ve mentioned, this heater can be mounted wherever there’s a power source rather than it being a standing model.

This model runs on electricity and doesn’t need a propane tank, which is convenient and a cost savings. This model has no flame and works in or outdoors, which is another convenient aspect to consider.

5. Briza Infrared Patio Heater

outdoor heater on a wooden storefront

Another great patio heater to use all winter long is this model made by Briza. A nice aspect to this model is that it comes with a stand or it can be mounted, giving you the best of both worlds. The technology used for this heater is carbon infrared technology, which produces heat that is similar to that of the sun.

It has a range of safety features, like a protective metal sheath cover over the heating elements, reducing the chances of burning yourself when touching the heater. It also has a tip-over sensor that will automatically turn the unit off if it tips.

Finally, this model can withstand any temperature and also can face rain, snow, sand, or even dust. That means that this model will operate for years to come, proving to be a sound investment.

6. Warmaster Hanging Patio Heater

This heater has a different look to it than the others, but it’s still a fabulous choice to ensure you can use your outdoor space all year round. This model is warm yet quiet, utilizing an advanced carbon fiber heating tube that can heat up in as little as three seconds. The power level on this model is adjustable, and it even comes with a remote control.

Another great aspect of this heater is that it can be used both indoors and out, making it suitable for patios, balconies, garages, porches, and so forth. Finally, this hanging patio heater is waterproof, which is another perk of going with this model.

Experience year-round outdoor living no matter what the climate is with an affordable outdoor heater. You’ll love getting fresh air without freezing!

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