6 Halogen Heater Safety Tips

glowing halogen heater

A halogen heater uses halogen elements to provide heat. These heaters are portable and come in oscillating and standstill units. The heater distributes the heated air in a quick, cost effective way to warm up any kind of environment. This article will feature important requirements that will keep you safe when you are using these heaters.

1. Hot Front Grill

Halogen heaters have a heat resistant body that remains cool to the touch. However, the front grill of the heater can get very hot. Do not leave toddlers or pets unattended if the heater is on. Also, you must be careful that you do not put the heater too close to curtains, or upholstered furniture. Wall mounted halogen heaters are also available. You may need to put in more than one as the wall hung models are smaller in size and capacity, in order to reduce their weight.

2. Heating Capacity

Halogen heaters oscillate and heat up small spaces very quickly. If you are sitting at a desk, or doing other sedentary work, they can make you feel cozy very quickly without being too close to where you are sitting. This prevents overheating of your clothes or skin.

3. Cut Off Safety Device

Halogen heaters are safer than traditional space heaters. When buying a halogen heater, be sure that it includes an automatic shut off device, in case it should be accidentally knocked over.

4. Energy Savers

energy audit diagram on chalkboard

Halogen heaters use less electricity than other types of heaters. They have three heating bars that work through individual switches, according to need. Each bar provides an output of 400 watts and this should be enough for a sedentary person to warm up. If the room is really freezing, you can use the three bars for some time and then slowly reduce the wattage.

5. Cleaning

Halogen heaters require periodic cleaning if they are to give their most efficient output. This will reduce the risk of malfunctioning and ensure that your heater will always work at its best and last a long time.

6. Choice Of Different Models

Halogen heaters can be put anywhere; they are ideal for conservatories, patios, workshops and offices. They can be either free standing, table top models or hung on walls, just like those for indoor use. This multi choice helps make them more user friendly and almost totally risk free for those most vulnerable.

When opting for a halogen heater, do not choose the cheaper models because they don’t incorporate the safety devices and the material used for the body may not be really heat resistant. Halogen heaters with integrated safety devices cost more than other types but in the long run they are cheaper to run because they do not consume as much electricity.