6 Ideas on How to Dress Bay Windows

The polygonal outward projection from a wall that create bay windows can be a wonderful addition to a room, not only allowing more extensive views than that of a standard window, but also letting in lots of natural light. Whether you want to add elegance to a room or make it seem larger, knowing how to dress a bay window can help you go a long way.  

To Hide or to Emphasize?

The way bay windows are situated means that it is possible to hide them as well as to accentuate them. Treating it as a standard window and fitting a single curtain or blind that spans across the window frame will effectively hide it, making it appear nonexistent when the curtain or blind is in use.

Dressing each pane of the bay window individually will not only accentuate the window but also leave the window recess free for various uses.     

Window Seat

With the addition of a few touches, the ledge of a bay window can be turned into a window seat that becomes the perfect place to relax. The easiest way to achieve this is with the use of scatter and seat cushions. Choose a colour and fabric that compliments the rest of the room so that the window seat remains in harmony with the rest of the room.        

Continue Room Decoration

To make the room appear larger than it is, decorate the bay window in accordance with the rest of the room. Continue the theme and colour scheme to make the window an integral part of the room rather than an afterthought.

Focal Point

Bay windows can be made into the focal point of a room with the use of bold colors and decorative furnishings. The many colors and styles of the blinds and shades on the market can allow you to adorn the window exactly as you want.


Making use of blinds and shades is a good way to give your windows a contemporary look. The clean lines of these furnishings can be highlighted by getting them custom-made. Making use of shades that only cover half of the window can also be useful in limiting the light that comes into the room and maintaining privacy.

Blinds and concertina shades are perfectly suited to bay windows, as they are adjustable, enabling you to get the most out of your window.


Bay windows are most often associated with Victorian architecture and the use of curtains and a valance is a good way to maintain a traditional look and feel. Heavier drapes coupled with sheer or net curtains can help to retain heat in the room and maintain privacy.

Curtains can also be used in a contemporary manner due to the many different types of color and style of curtains on the market. A custom-made curtain rail and made-to-measure curtains can create a unique contemporary look.

The many different types of fabric available, though not traditionally used for window covering, can be useful to add your own style to the windows. Consider a semi-translucent material to maintain privacy without reducing light to the room.