6 Ideas to Decorate Walls along Wooden Stairs

black and white family photos on a wall next to wooden stairs

Wooden stairs in your home are often difficult to decorate around. Too much wood can overpower a home, and there is a knack for getting the right balance to not feel like a hunter's lodge. Taking some steps to create warmth and beauty to enhance the wood will help to create that desired balance.

1. Pictures

Hanging pictures at random will allow the eye to focus on when a person is walking up the stairs. Photos of family members or landscape scenery are pleasant to look at and offer a talking point for any guests viewing the pictures. Also, another great talking point is photos you have taken of places where you have traveled. People seeing them for the first time will be bound to ask when you took the photo or when you visited the place and where it was taken.

2. Wall Decorations

Adding small trinkets or decorations to a wall is a good idea for exhibiting your small collections. If you collect articles like thimbles, shot glasses, small ornaments, and the like, you can hang small display shelves up the staircase to exhibit the items you treasure. Wooden framework on display cases or stands may actually complement the wooden stairs if the right color stain is used on them

3. Colors and Wallpaper

Colored or textured wallpaper is a great idea to enhance or contrast the color of the wood on your stairs. For instance, if your wooden stairs are dark wood, you can hang light-colored textured wallpaper to bring out the grain of the wood but take the emphasis away from the wooden effect in general. These colors may even enhance other features of your house.

4. Enhancing the Wood

If you aim to actually show off your wooden stairs, keeping the color scheme around the stair area to a light and contrasting color will help to make the stairs stand out as a feature piece. If the stairs are a large feature of the room or are sweeping stairs, you may want to show them off with a red carpet or something which accentuates the staircase itself.

5. Dark Stairs

If your hallway or stair area is quite dark, painting or papering the walls along the staircase will brightness the hallway. Also, mirrors in the hallway are a good way of reflecting light from various sources and will enhance the stair wall. Hanging a mirror up the staircase, somewhere about halfway, will reflect any natural light from above the stair area.

6. Reflection of Age

Always try to choose paints or wallpapers that reflect the age of your property. This doesn’t necessarily mean that if your home was built in the 1970s, you should suddenly drag out the orange floral wallpaper. Choose paints that will reflect the period and feel of the home you are trying to promote. If your stairs are wooden, you can always choose to paint the handrails or banister a lighter color to brighten them up.