6 Indoor Micro Gardening Kits

micro garden greenhouse kit with four small plants
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Micro gardening is a great way to go green in the kitchen on a budget. Especially if you love cooking with fresh herbs or vegetables, and you live in an urban area or in a climate that isn't conducive to traditional gardening, micro gardening can be a fun way to stretch your green thumb. Micro gardening kits can be purchased online and come in a variety of sizes.

Many micro Gardens rely on artificial light and hydration gardening techniques to stay nice and green. All you need is a little space, and a little patience, and you’ll be growing your own fruits, vegetables, and herbs in no time.

1. Trecaan 6 Pod Hydroponic System

growing garden kit with strawberries

This Hydroponics growing system is perfect for cramped kitchens. Because of its small size, this indoor garden fits perfectly on a kitchen counter and gives you easy access to all the herbs you could ever want. Featuring six growing pods, you'll see quick results with an indoor growing system like this one.

2. AeroGarden Harvest

indoor garden kit with lights above growing herbs

With thousands and thousands of five-star reviews, it's easy to see why this indoor Harvest Garden is a hit. We love micro gardening, and this is the garden we personally use, and we love it.

This garden also uses hydroponics to get your greens growing and comes with a variety of planting options. We also like that this indoor garden has a few different color options so it doesn't clash with your kitchen.

3. Spade to Fork Indoor Herb Garden Starter Kit

organic seed kit

If you've got a lot of sunshine and don't need artificial light, try a seed starter kit like this. We've used herb gardens like this more than once before and we have always had good luck getting our favorite greens to grow.

These kits are very simple to use and come with expandable dirt, which is always really fun. We don't recommend these kits for homes that don't get lots and lots of natural light.

4. ​​SereneLife Smart Starter Hydroponic Herb Kit

indoor seed starter kit

Similar to other hydroponic indoor gardens on our list, this great gardening kit comes with a dirt-free growing system that takes all the mess out of planting. This particular system also features a timer so that you never have to mess with a lighting schedule again and, gives you the ability to grow Venus flytraps, which is a little random but very cool.

5. Gardyn Home 1.0 - Vertical Hydroponic Garden

indoor vertical garden

If you're looking for the best of the best, look no further. Now being the best of the best does come with a hefty price tag of almost seven hundred dollars, but this vertical garden allows you to grow so much more than the small hydro garden pods.

This giant indoor garden is not for countertops, you need a lot of space in order for your plans to grow using the vertical gardening method. This garden also uses hydroponic growing, but it takes it a step further with Wi-Fi and complete customization. If you're serious about growing fruits and vegetables, this is the garden for you.

6. AeroGarden Bounty Elite

indoor garden kit

A great middle ground when it comes to indoor gardening, this AeroGarden is a great investment. At less than half the price of the most expensive garden on the list, this almost feels like a steal. Featuring more pods than its cheaper counterpart, this garden is larger and Wi-Fi and Alexa compatible. This gives you more control over how the growing happens.

If you're having trouble with your indoor gardening, remember to be patient. All good things worth having take a little time. On our first try at micro gardening, we had a few seeds that didn't work. We tried a different batch of the same type of seeds and had a lot more success. So when in doubt, don't blame yourself—blame the seeds.

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