6 Inexpensive Ways to Make Your Bathroom Luxurious

Upgrade Your Bathroom
rain showerhead over the words "bathroom luxury on a budget"

It's easy to achieve a luxurious space when money is no object. But a lavish bathroom experience is within reach even if the Egyptian cotton towels and granite counters aren't. We have 6 ways to upgrade your bathroom that are inexpensive, but don't slack on the sophistication. In fact, a couple won't even cost you a penny.

1. Roll Your Towels
towels rolled on a bathroom sink

This is one of the easiest ways to achieve a sense of luxury in your bathroom. A stack or basket of rolled hand towels or wash cloths suggests that the supply never ends -- just like in a hotel. Compare this to a measly towel hanging out by itself on a bar and you'll never be satisfied with just one anymore. (Bonus: extra closet space!)

2. Decant Your Soap
soap in dispensers on bathroom sink

There's nothing more un-luxurious than the sight of an old drugstore bottle of soap on your bathroom sink. Decant your soap, lotion, and other body products into clear containers to keep things streamlined and elegant. The best part about this trick is you can achieve the look of luxury while still buying that bargain brand soap -- but no one will be the wiser.

3. Make It White
bathroom with toilet, sink, and bathtub

When planning a bathroom remodel, why not go all-white to achieve a sense of luxury? Not only are white bathrooms classic, but the simple color pallet (or lack thereof) is sophisticated and understated. Skip the expensive patterned shower tile and wood vanities for cheaper white options that, when paired altogether, are cohesive and elegant.

4. Use Baskets to Hide the Ugly
baskets with soap and a towel

The small size of most bathrooms means that mundane things like hygiene products, blow dryers, and extra toilet paper are often in plain view. Hide all those eyesores in baskets to make your bathroom feel less cluttered and more sophisticated.

5. Light a Fire
candles by a bathtub

Nothing changes the ambiance of a room like candles. Light inexpensive tea lights or box-store candles in your bathroom when you have guests over, when you're enjoying a soak, or when you're simply home on the weekend. The warm glow of a flame has the power to transform a utilitarian space into somewhere you may actually want to linger.

6. Freshen Up With Flowers
flowers in a bathroom

While flowers often find a home on a dining table or mantle, they don't often appear in the bathroom -- but they should! Whether it's a house plant or a small vase of blooms from your yard, a little bit of nature feels indulgent, unexpected, and definitely luxurious.