6 Late Summer Blooming Perennial Flowers

If you are like most gardeners, perennial flowers are the heart of your garden. But, if you want to keep some of that color going as the weather starts to cool down, you may want to try some of these late blooming perennials.

1 - Anise Mint

This plant features sharp spikes that end with beautiful blue flowers. In addition to having flowers that attract hummingbirds, the Anise Mint's leaves can be picked off and used as a spice or boiled to make tea.

2 - Bigleaf Goldenray

While most of its perennial brethren thrive in sunlight, the Bigleaf Goldenray does best in the shade, where it illuminates its darkened environment with its daisy-like bright orange flowers.

3 - Blazing Star

Lavender, red, and white flowers are the trademark of this dramatically-named specimen. It thrives in the sun, but will do fine in light shade.

4 - False Sunflower

They may escape the true "sunflower" classification on a technicality, but there's nothing "false" about these radiant yellow flowers on three foot stems!

5 - Garden Monkshood

Beautiful blue and violet bell-shaped flowers protrude from the Garden Monkshood's deep green foliage. It is, however, poisonous and care should be taken in environments with children.

6 - Oregano

Everyone knows oregano's a great addition to an Italian feast, but its striking white and pink flowers can spice up your garden late in the summer!