6 Laundry Room Safety Tips

Laundry room

For any homeowner or renter, safety is of the utmost importance. Keeping your living space safe for yourself and your family is undoubtedly a top priority, and it can sometimes feel like an overwhelming responsibility. With that being said, the laundry room is a place that may be overlooked when it comes to upholding safety standards. There are several ways to ensure this room is in top condition at all times to avoid potentially dangerous situations. Read below to learn how to keep your laundry room safe.

A mom does laundry with her daughter.

1 - Always Clean Your Lint Filter

Few people know how important it is to clean out your lint filter in the dryer after each load. Not doing so could increase the chance of a fire, and this tiny task is so simple that there’s no excuse not to do it. In addition to cleaning the lint trap between every dryer use, you should take measures to clean out the build-up of lint in other areas of your laundry room on a yearly basis. As part of the process, pull your dryer away from the wall and vacuum the floor beneath along with the back of your dryer. This also is a good time to vacuum the duct that connects the dryer to your home. This reduces the risk of fires even further, and also helps your dryer run more smoothly.

A hand cleans a lint filter.

2 - Keep Products in their Packaging

It’s no secret that laundry products like detergent often contain strong chemicals and should be treated with care. To keep your family safe, resist the urge to use crafty or clever storage solutions to hold these products. Keep them in their original packaging, which is specifically designed to keep them well-contained and make them difficult for children to access. As an added precaution, detergent and bleach should be properly stored away from the reach of kids. Always keep bags and containers sealed or closed, and if you spill detergent, take care to clean it up immediately.

3 - Maintain Machines Well

Your washing machine and dryer should be cared for on a regular basis to keep them in good working condition and ensure they remain safe. Give your machines and their ducts an annual check-up to prevent leaks, floods, fire, or other potentially dangerous accidents. Regular maintenance also helps your washing machine and dryer run more efficiently. This helps conserve energy, a benefit for both the environment and your utility bill.

4 - Keep Doors Locked

Especially if you have kids around, it’s important to keep your machine doors locked, even when they’re not in use. This prevents kids from using washers and dryers as hiding spots or places to play. If you have young children in your home, consider investing in a set of child-safe locks to keep them protected whenever they venture into your laundry room.

5 - Look for Warning Signs

Typically, if your machines are experiencing an issue, they’ll begin to show signs before they cause a huge problem or lead to a dangerous situation. Potential red flags include clothes coming out of the washing machine still soapy or taking forever to dry. If you notice these issues, have your machines checked out promptly. Better safe than sorry!

6 - Keep Pre-Treated Garments out of Reach

You don’t want kids to get their hands on garments that have been pre-treated for stains with powerful detergents. While adults know to leave these items be until the cleaning process is complete, kids may not understand that, exposing themselves to products that can be harmful to their skin. Parents should also always wash their hands after doing laundry to avoid the chance of passing detergent residue to kiddos.

Especially if you have little ones in your house, you’ll want to take the above-listed measures to keep your laundry room as safe as possible. This room is a productive place that keeps your household running, but it also contains potential dangers you should make sure to monitor.