6 Little Known Uses for Glazing Putty

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What You'll Need
Glazing putty
Putty knife

If you have a supply of glazing putty remaining after having used it to glaze your wooden window frames, you may find it useful for other purposes. By understanding the benefits of it and what other use it can be put to, you will find that it doesn’t have to go to waste and you don’t have to buy further compounds.


Glazing putty is ideal for use as a filler to rectify the holes that result from nails and screws in walls, ceilings, and floors. The consistency of the substance means that it does not shrink and can leave a smooth surface that can be painted or covered over in another way. This type of putty can come in a squeezable tube or a tube that can only be used with a cartridge gun. For better control, it is recommended that you gather a small amount of the compound onto the end of a putty knife to apply it to the relevant defect. Once it has been filled, use a scraper to ensure that the surface is smooth.


Minor defects such as dents, scratches, and depressions can be repaired with glazing putty. Using it in the same way as Spackle or filler can make it an effective alternative when repair work is required. Though it may not be suitable for deep gouges, the surface can be sanded to improve the surface before applying the compound.


In addition to being used to fit windows, glazing putty can also make effective insulation to prevent draughts from entering the property through gaps and from energy being wasted by heat escaping through the windows. This is especially effective on sash windows and any other old-fashioned style of window that can add an accent to your home.

Paint Base Coat

Where you want to ensure that you have a smooth surface on which to apply paint, you can initially paint on glazing putty to ensure that this can be the case. It is suitable for use on window frames or walls as the compound creates an ideal surface to be painted over.


Though you may have more experience of using the putty on wooden framed windows, be aware that it can also be used on steel window frames. It can be used to fit new windows as well as to provide insulation.

Auto Bodywork

Glazing compound can also be used to repair minor dings and defects on the bodywork of your car. The site around the defect will need to be sanded down initially so that no rough edges remain. After the surface is wiped clean, the compound can be gathered on a putty knife before being applied to the point of damage. Once it has dried, it can be sanded until it is at a similar level as the rest of the bodywork. If it has not reached the required level, the process can be repeated until it is. Layers of primer and paint can then be applied in accordance with the instructions to finish the task.