6 Methods to Keep Strawberry Fruit off the Soil

The most popular method to keep strawberry fruit off the soil is the use of various types of planters which can be hung on balconies or placed in patios. If you do not have a garden, or yard or space is a problem, they are the perfect solution. 

Strawberries can rot if they come in contact with soil before they are fully ripened. Besides allowing strawberries to grow in very small spaces, strawberry-friendly planters provide a viable environment for producing healthy productive plants.

1. Plastic Planters

Strawberries like lots of sun but not too much heat and they thrive in moist conditions coupled with a good drainage system. Plastic planters retain moisture well, they are cheap to buy and very easy to carry from one place to another for better control over weather conditions. Some also have fittings for netting if the plants need protection from insects, while the fruit are maturing.   

2. Ceramic Planters

Ceramic planters for strawberry-growing have pockets all around in which plants can be put and so are real space savers. They retain moisture well and can do with an inner gravel core instead of drainage holes. Their down side is that they are heavy to move from place to place. 

3. Pouches

Like the ceramic planters, pouches have precut planting holes and when they are hung up, the plants will be free of disease and insects. They have to be watered frequently but not bogged down. The foliage will be very attractive coming down in a cascade and the plants never touch the soil which is the main priority for strawberry growth.

4. Vertical Terracotta Towers

Vertical terracotta towers are the example of the traditional pot which is also ornamental and has been around a long time. They have a central drainage system and planting holes, which means space for a lot of plants growing together. Due to their design the plants never touch the soil and if you are buying one, check to see if it is also frost resistant.

5. Pyramid Planters

They are identical to the towers and pouches in that they are space savers and help in keeping the plants from touching the soil.   

6. Hanging Planters and Window Boxes

Strawberries grow well in shallow window boxes and hanging planters because they have a shallow root system. Growing on a window sill, or hanging in a planter, they are isolated from gardens where insects thrive so the plants are well protected from their pestering attention. If some insects do find the plants, take care of them at once and put on protective netting.


Growing strawberries is not difficult and it can be a lot of fun as you watch the plants grow and produce the much desired fruit. There are endless varieties of strawberry plants so take time to read about them or get advice from a Garden Center. This also applies to the different kind of planters which all do a good job. Ultimately it is up to individual need and taste to decide which type of strawberry plant and planter to get.