6 Most LED Replacement Bulb Companies

An LED replacement bulb is a type of bulb that is a solid state lamp. LED stands for light emitting diodes. These bulbs use a small voltage compared to other more traditional fluorescent or incandescent bulbs.  While the bulbs may be more expensive to buy, they have a longer life and are much more energy efficient, which makes them more affordable in the long run.

1. Lemnis

Lemnis lighting has produced the Pharox series of LED replacement bulbs that is marketed as the brightest of these dim LED light bulbs. It uses 7 watts and can last for 25 years. The Pharox line has several different LED products. By switching from incandescent to LED you can save more than 85 percent on energy consumption from light bulbs. This is a brand new product available midyear in 2010.

2. General Electric

GE has produced its own LED replacement bulb that has a life of 17 years, if not longer. You can generate the same amount of light as an incandescent bulb, but for much less power. Instead of a 40 watt bulb the LED uses 9 watts. This GE product is the Energy Smart LED bulb.  This bulb costs between $40 to $50, but you will easily make up the cost from all of the energy savings. This bulb was designed specifically to disperse light, as most LED bulbs only give light in one direction.

3. Phillips

Phillips has created an LED replacement for the 60 watt light bulb. The Endura LED uses 12 watts and is the latest design from the first prototype that was unveiled in 2009. You can cut your light energy usage by 80 percent and the bulb lasts 25 years longer than the traditional 60 watt bulb. The bulb is good for 25,000 hours. This bulb has been entered into the L prize given by the US department of energy. This prize is for light bulbs that are highly efficient and high quality and meant to replace traditional light bulbs.

4. EverLED

This company has produced LED replacements for fluorescent tubes. This tube can replace any standard fluorescent tube. These LED replacements can reduce energy consumption by 20 percent and lasts 10 years longer than traditional tubes. They also do not contain any lead or mercury and have less breakage than standard glass lights. While they are pricey at about $150 a tube, the energy savings make up for the initial cost.

5. ShenZhen Bang-Bell Electronics CO., Ltd.

This company produces all different types of LED replacement bulbs for street lights, traffic lights, light bulbs and more. This company is a main producer for LED lights for the world and is the first Chinese manufacturer of these LED bulbs. These bulbs have UL, Rohs and CE certificates. This bulb company is one of the best known and most famous of the Chinese brands recognized around the world.

6. Osram Sylvania

Sylvania has produced a mercury-free LED light bulb that uses 12 watts instead of 60 watts.  It is part of their ULTRA high performance series retrofit products. You will decrease your energy consumption by 80% and will last for 25,000 hours. This is a good cost saving and energy saving alternative to traditional light bulbs.